An Officer Gunned Down in Huntsville

In the scary news department, I learned that this weekend a Huntsville Police Department Officer had been killed from being shot in the face. Officer William Eric Freeman was shot Friday night (December 14). Officer Freeman died the next day.

53-year-old Kenneth Shipp is the suspect and has been charged with capital murder.

What’s scary about this whole thing is there was a shooting incident several months back that involved Shipp and his son. The apartment wasn’t too far away from mine and the police locked down the whole area.

And today I learned that Kenneth Shipp worked in the same building as me (although I do not know him at all).

The tragic thing is that Officer Freeman left behind a wife and five kids with Christmas less than two weeks away. Collections for the family are being taken up, but I can’t imagine the amount of heartache and grief surrounding the Freeman family right now.

My sincere respect and gratitude goes out to Officer Freeman, his widow, his children, and his family.

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