On May 6th (about two and a half weeks ago) Sarah and I bought a two-drawer filing cabinet for our house. I was looking for a good filing cabinet to organize all of our bills and paperwork. We went to Office Depot and found what seemed like a good piece of furniture. The sales associate who helped us out was very helpful; He even took the piece out to our vehicle.

When we arrived at home, I began unpacking the furniture and all of the miscellaneous parts that came with it. I looked at the parts list and assumed that most of the parts were there. It wasn’t until I was a quarter of the way through assembly that I noticed a crucial piece was missing.

Top Missing - Back ViewThe part that was missing was one of the largest, so I could not have possibly missed it. As you can see from the picture, the top piece–the one piece that provides a significant amount of stability–is missing.

I knew that nothing would happen if I took the furniture back to Office Depot. After all, I had partially completed the furniture. Undoing what I had already done would have likely caused damage to the piece. I decided to build what I could and wait for a part from the furniture’s manufacturer. I promptly went to O’Sullivan.com (O’Sullivan Furniture is the manufacturer) and requested a missing part.

Top Missing - Front ViewWhen I ordered the missing part, I was given a confirmation number. I received no e-mail confirmation of any sort to confirm that I had in fact ordered a missing part. I did enter my e-mail address to be informed when my order had shipped, however.

I waited a week before going to O’Sullivan’s website again. I searched for a contact number, but found none. I resorted to using an e-mail form and simply asked when I could expect my part to ship. I never received a reply. I waited another week before trying to contact the company again. I found an 800-number from my instruction manual and inquired about when my replacement part was shipping. I supplied my confirmation number and was informed that my product had indeed shipped using FedEx Ground. This conservation happened on May 16th.

As of today (May 23rd), I have not received my missing part. I have yet to receive an e-mail confirmation that my product shipped, and I have yet to receive a reply from my e-mail I sent about a shipping date. I also was not provided a tracking number so I can see where my missing part is located. Essentially, I am left guessing. Time will tell whether Sarah and I wasted our money.

Wrong-Colored PiecesWrong-Colored PiecesThe key missing part wasn’t the only thing wrong with the furniture. Two parts that came with it were the wrong colors. See for yourself.

I am not trying to blame O’Sullivan or Office Depot of any negligence; I just want my missing part.

Update (May 25, 2006): I still haven’t received my part. I tried calling the 1-800 number, but it was busy. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

Update (May 26, 2006): I e-mailed O’Sullivan. I’m not sure what happened last time, but they e-mailed me back within a day. They gave me the tracking number for my FedEx shipment. They had in fact shipped my part on May 16th, upping their credibility just a tad. The burden now lies with FedEx. According to the shipment-tracking, I should receive my part today. Hopefully I can finish my project 🙂

Update (May 30, 2006: I finally received my missing part. The FedEx guy left the box containing the part at my door. I finally finished the project. I will post a new blog entry when my piece is in its final resting place.