An Awesome DiscPerience

Picture from DiscOasisI went to my fourth show of DiscOasis (MySpace Profile) on May 26, 2006. I had the wonderful pleasure of talking to some of the band members before the show. It was almost time for them to begin, and the Crossroads Café had only twenty people in it. When I raised the possibility of hardly anybody showing up, one of the guys I talked to optimistically stated, “At least it’ll be a paid practice then.” This was no paid practice; when DiscOasis started playing, the place was jammin’.

DiscOasis plays primarily seventies music of the disco era. Not having grown up (much less born) in the seventies, I was not a fan of disco. When I attended my first show back in October (of 2005), I was blown away. I went because a co-worker recommended the band to me. Soon, I was the one recommending the band to others. DiscOasis has a commanding stage presence, and the individual band members are incredibly talented. Most members play multiple instruments, and the two lead singers lead the audience through a vast selection of groovin’ disco music.

DiscOasis is a band that must be heard live in order to fully appreciate what they have accomplished. They have revived some of the great oldies and brought them to a new generation. Their sound-bytes on MySpace (although great) do not do the band justice. This is a band that must be seen live. So if you are in the Huntsville area and want to see a great band, check out DiscOasis. The band is truly a treasure that must be shared with all.

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