Unless you count my cat, I’m spending Christmas by myself in Huntsville this year. It was my choice. I decided I’d rather spend the New Year with my family instead, especially when I looked at the calendar and my limited vacation time.

When I told a lady at my small group that I was spending Christmas “alone”, she asked, “Are you going to be okay?” I responded, “It’s not others who make my Christmas. I make my Christmas.”

Last Christmas was rather rough, I have to admit. I did spend it with family, but I was still separated (from my now ex-wife) and was less sure about a lot of things. This Christmas I am confident and optimistic.

So am I weird for not spending Christmas with family? A benefit of visiting family after Christmas is to buy presents after Christmas and profit off the secular commercialization of Christmas (ironic, no?). After all, Christmas isn’t about presents. And it isn’t really about family. It’s about whatever you make of it, whether it be religious, secular, or otherwise.

I’m going to enjoy myself this Christmas. Just you wait and see.