Group Progress – October 31, 2002

October 31st, 2002

Well, we’ve concluded we’re down to just two positions on a cylinder (up and down). The valves did not slow down the speed of a cylinder enough. However, we feel we may be able to achieve multiple positions with a load. Over the past four months we have made a lot of progress. The control glove prototype is coming together nicely. We have decided on trying to use a UART transmitter to send the data wirelessly to the HC11. The program for the HC11 was built for analog inputs, however, there is a possibility that the HC11 will use digital inputs. If this is the case, the HC11 program will decrease in complexity.

A wooden hand prototype was also built, and it is quite impressive. All that is left is the metal construction. While the concept may seem easy, the actual metal hand construction will be quite intense. Next Friday, November 8th(2002), I hope to have a program ready to test for the mechanical hand. If not, then it’ll be next week when I test the program with the manifold/hand.

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