Group Progress – November 19, 2002

To: Professor Rowley

From: Ernie Ayon, Eric Hamer, Ronald Huereca, and Carmody Rauch

Date: November 19, 2002

Subject: STATUS UPDATE – November 19th, 2002

Overall Status

Eric & Ernie have built a full wooden prototype of the hand we will be building. The hand is approximately three feet in length, and a foot and a half in width. The wooden prototype is actually a backup in case we can’t get the final metal hand done in time.

A flowchart and program to test the mechanical hand is written, but has not yet been tested. According to the Gantt Chart, this task is two weeks behind, but is estimated to finish this week. The program does not lie on the critical path, so there is no need to adjust the schedule.

The control glove is still in it’s infancy stages, and is a month behind according to the Gantt Chart. Significant
progress on the control glove is expected in the next two weeks. Once again, the control glove does not lie on the critical path, so there is no need to modify the schedule. However, the Gantt will be updated to reflect the current
status on both items next week.

The construction of the mechanical hand is right on schedule. This week, Ernie and Eric have scheduled a meeting with David Treflette, who is in charge of Vision Engraving. They will meet with him to determine the metal cutting of the final mechanical hand.

Necessary Tasks

This week, Carmody will be researching the UART transmitter and receiver in order to have wireless capability on our mechanical hand. He will also look into buying a circuit board so that we can mount the components for the control glove.

Ronald will debug and test the program so that next week the wooden prototype can be tested.

Eric and Ernie will meet with Vision Engraving to get a time table of getting the metal for the final mechanical hand. They will also try to make it to Wistech industries to get some more pneumatic components.

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