Group Progress – June 1, 2002

June 1st, 2002

We went into lab on May 16th, 2002, hoping to be able to time four cylinder positions. However, we timed the microprocessor down to 10 milliseconds, and still the pistion on the cylinder extended all the way. If the time was less than 10 milliseconds, the piston on the cylinder would not extend at all. We concluded that it takes at least 10 milliseconds for our manifold to react to the signal. After all, the microprocessor goes into our solenoid driver chip, which intern supplies the manifold with the necessary voltage and current. I believe the reason we aren’t able to get the correct cylinder positions is because we have the wrong air-restrictor valves.

There is a product called a needle-valve. This valve restricts the amount of air going into the cylinder. The valve we currently have, in theory, isn’t actually decreasing any air flow at all. We are scheduled to go into Wistech on June 5th and find out which valve will be right for us. After that, it will take a trip to the lab to determine if we can achieve four cylinder positions.

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