Group Progress – January 14, 2003

To: Professor Rowley

From: Ernie Ayon, Eric Hamer, Ronald Huereca, and Carmody Rauch

Date: January 14th,

Subject: STATUS UPDATE – January 14, 2003

Overall Status

Ronald and Carmody recently finished testing out an external Analog to Digital chip to be used on the control glove. The goal was to have 16 inputs fed serially into a transmitter through the ADC. This was accomplished on Friday, January 10th. The HC11 was used to accomplish this task. Carmody has been successful in the design of the control glove, and we are now looking forward to getting a printed circuit board made.

Ronald will have to modify the HC11 program for the manifold to accept 16 serial inputs and interpret those inputs to be outputted to the manifold. The reason for this is because of the receiver. The only issue is synchronization.

Eric and Ernie have ordered the metal and will be checking the status this week.

Necessary Tasks

  • This week Eric and Ernie will check on the status of the metal.
  • Ronald will modify the program to accept 16 serial inputs. This process may take an additional week.
  • Carmody will work on the transmitter and receiver if they arrive this week. If not, he will concentrate his efforts on the circuit board design.

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