Group Progress February 4, 2003

To: Professor Rowley

From: Ernie Ayon, Eric Hamer, Ronald Huereca, and Carmody Rauch

Date: February 4th, 2003

Subject: STATUS UPDATE – February 4th, 2003

Overall Status

Eric & Ernie have completed the metal hand. We will be sending you a picture of the hand via e-mail during this week. The program for the manifold is completed, however some additional testing will continue this week. The program should be synchronized to take a 3kHz signal in and convert this into working signals.

The circuit board for the control glove will be ordered this week and testing should begin on the circuit board next week. By the end of this week we hope to have the transmitter & receiver synchronized so that once the circuit board is complete, we just have to test the integration.

Necessary Tasks

  • Eric & Ernie will meet with Wistech on Friday to get the remaining parts for the project.
  • Ronald will work on synchronization on Wednesday and Friday of this week.
  • Carmody will order the circuit board and assist Ronald on the synchronization aspect.

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