Group Progress February 10, 2003

To: Professor Rowley

From: Ernie Ayon, Eric Hamer, Ronald Huereca, and Carmody Rauch

Date: February 10th, 2003

Subject: STATUS UPDATE – February 10th, 2003

Overall Status

Eric & Ernie have met with Wistech and acquired all of the necessary parts needed for the pneumatic aspect of our project. Eric did run into some consistency problems when working with some of the flow
valves. Not all the valves are the same and Eric wants to be consistent so we may end up returning a total of 12 valves in order to get the same part for each valve. If we do decide to return the parts, it will be either on Wednesday or Friday of this week.

The circuit board for the control glove was ordered on Monday and will be here Wednesday of Thursday of this week. Carmody will get the circuit board working, as well as the control glove, on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon in lab.

The glove program and the manifold program were both synchronized on Friday. There was one problem with a channel on the ADC being used, but we have a backup ADC that we can use.

Ronald will work on wiring the circuitry needed for the manifold neatly, as well as bringing together the final senior project report. The rest of the group will contribute to the report as well.

Another problem is that we are officially out of money. We spent the remaining funds at Wistech on Friday. We will continue to contribute funds from our own pockets in hopes we will be reimbursed if we win any project awards. If not, it was fun anyways.

Necessary Tasks

  • Carmody will get the control glove finished this week.
  • Ronald will wire the circuitry needed for the manifold on protoboards.
  • Eric & Ernie will finish the hand and set it up for display.
  • Carmody, Eric and Ronald will meet on Saturday and do a test run on the entire working project.

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