Group Progress December 10, 2002

To: Professor Rowley

From: Ernie Ayon, Eric Hamer, Ronald Huereca, and Carmody Rauch

Date: December 10th, 2002

Subject: STATUS UPDATE – December 10, 2002

Overall Status

Eric, Ernie, and Carmody went to visit Dennis
Treflete at Vision Engraving on Friday, December 6th, 2002. They discussed his ability to cut the metal for our mechanical hand. He said he was more than willing to cut the metal for us. We will buy the metal, which is estimated to be less than fifty dollars. Currently we have over $250 dollars in our savings account, so there is adequate funds to cover the expense.

On Friday, Ronald began testing the program with inputs. Unfortunately the ADC wasn’t working according to plan. Carmody informed him that an ADC on the HC11 is unnecessary, however, because the analog to digital conversion will be done on the control glove. Therefore, the old program will be written to take in digital inputs.

Necessary Tasks

  • This week Eric and Ernie will be going to Wistech industries to acquire additional pneumatic parts so that we may be able to test the prototype of the hand completely by next Friday (December 20th).
  • Ronald will re-write the program in order to take digital inputs and will test the program with switches and solenoid drivers on Friday (December 13th).
  • Carmody will bring in the control glove on Friday and work with Ronald in lab construct the circuitry necessary for the control glove.
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