Evolution of a Mechanical Hand

Each semester, every EET (Electronic Engineering Technology) Devry 8th semester student gives a presentation of a project that his or her team has built. Our team built a pneumatically controlled mechanical hand. Throughout this page, you will find pictures, video, and documentation of our evolution towards are final completed project. If you intend to view the documentation, you must have Adobe Acrobat.

  • Senior Project Report

    This is our official report for our senior project. It’s polished, pressed, and ready to go.
    The report follows our project plan pretty closely if you wanna check that out
    as well.

  • IEEE Report

    This is the edited version of our senior project report that Carmody and Ernie presented to IEEE.

  • Group Progress

    This is a detailed progress report from the beginning of our project down to the very end.

  • Project Plan

    In our seventh semester, our group went through a project management course. In this course, we outlined our project for completion and wrote this big project plan.

  • Group Project

    In our fifth semester, we were required to do a massive paper that proposed something to a company. We decided to propose our hand to a military agency. We got a ninety-five percent on the paper.

  • Senior Project Video

    This is video of our test run, and two more videos of the project fair. A high speed connection is recommended.

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