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Privacy? It’s (insert current year here) and you expect privacy on the Internet? That’s almost as bad as expecting good customer service at Wal-Mart. Have you ever tried searching your name on Google? You have none!

Okay, I will do my best to prevent disclosure of your IP address and e-mail address unless ordered by a court due to your alleged illegal activities. Other than that, no guarantees. Read below for information I do collect about you.

Information Collection

  • A valid e-mail address is necessary for leaving comments. The e-mail address is necessary to protect against spammers. It also gives me a way to contact you directly if need be. Your e-mail address is stored in my database along with any comments you have made. As stated above, I will not willingly share this data unless you’re an asshole.
  • Your IP address is also collected when making a comment. This is to protect against spammers. It’s also helpful to track down trolls.
  • Information of your first-born child may periodically be collected and sold to the lowest bidder.

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