Gravatars - www.gravatar.comFor the loyal readers that comment on my posts, you may have noticed a strange graphic next to your comment. The question mark means you haven’t claimed your Gravatar.

What is a Gravatar?

A Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar. Meaning, you sign up at the site and upload your Gravatar and any blog that uses Gravatars will automatically include yours if you should decide to comment.

Gravatars give you a unique identity so-to-speak, so what’s stopping you from getting yours?

Gravatar Guidelines

Once you venture over to the site, you’ll notice that the Gravatars are rated kind of like movies (G, PG, R, etc…). I only accept Gravatars on my site no higher than PG.

Also, you must use the same e-mail address you use for this blog that you use for the gravatar website. Otherwise, my Gravatar software I have installed will not recognize your Gravatar since the e-mail address doesn’t match.

It’s All Gravy

Soon, you’ll see your Gravatar show up in the comments you have left. If you’ve made it to this section and haven’t signed up for your own Gravatar, what are you waiting for?

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