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I love it when people comment on my work, whether the comment is good or bad. I appreciate thoughtful comments, but there are comments that cross the line. Lorelle VanFossen wrote an excellent article on how not to comment on blogs.

Listed below is the approach I take towards comments. If you have any further questions, please send me an e-mail.

Keywords in Comments

I no longer allow people to use keywords as part of their name. If you do, I will edit your name. If the name is made up of all keywords, I will mark the comment as SPAM.

This policy is because of the way Google treats comments on blogs, and frankly, I’m getting sick of it as well.

Your Comment Link

I allow you to leave a comment link (in the URL field). There is no need “at all” to advertise this link within your comment. If I see a link in any comment that is not relevant to the post, the comment will be edited and/or marked as SPAM.

Your Comment Body

Comments that say, “I agree”, “me too”, “nice writing”, etc… will be marked as SPAM. I’ve received way too many of these. If the comment is not relevant, it goes straight to my SPAM box.

I Moderate Your Comments

Most comments will be immediately approved. However, certain phrases will kick your comment into the moderation or the SPAM queue.

I automatically moderate comment entries with more than two links in the body of the comment. If there are any spammy or non-work safe links, the comment will be marked as SPAM.

If you suspect your comment was wrongly moderated and/or sent to the spam queue, get ahold of me via my contact form.

Deletion of Comments

The following will get your comment deleted and/or sent to my SPAM queue:

  • Links to non-work safe websites.
  • Comments meant to use keywords, but don’t add any real value to the conversation.
  • Unreasonable keyword usage.
  • Links in the comment that aren’t highly relevant to the post or in response to someone else’s comment.
  • Excessive swearing.
  • Personal attacks of me or others.
  • Personal ads.

The above is not an all-inclusive list, but gives a general guideline of what I don’t want on this site.

Trolls Aren’t Tolerated

Comments that are intended to degrade or make fun of my work will be deleted immediately. The comment adds nothing to the discussion and doesn’t even give me positive criticism.

Do you want to be a troll? Fine. But expect your comment to magically disappear.

I Reserve the Right to Edit Your Comment

I rarely edit others’ comments. Upon occasion, I do edit a comment to take out a name, link, or swear word. This is my website, and I want to keep the content clean. You may call it censorship, but any comment on this website reflects back on me.

Swear Words Will Be Edited

If I find a swear word in your comment, it will be edited out.

Keep Comments on Topic

If you have something you would like to say to me that is off the topic of the post your are commenting, please just e-mail me personally rather than making a conversation public.

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