About Ronalfy

I often receive mispronunciations of my nickname. People pronounce my nickname as ronal-fly, ronal-fee, ronal-fye, or some other sick and twisted variation. The pronunciation of my nickname is rather simple; it is ron-al-fee, or ron-alfy.

The origins of my nickname come from high school. When I attended Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, Alaska, I parted my hair in the middle. I looked just like Alfalfa from Little Rascals. Since I looked like Alfalfa, everybody that knew me, or didn’t know me, called me by the name Alfalfa. Nobody called me by my first name, which just happens to be Ronald.

While I was in Vegas, everybody would call me Ron. I didn’t really mind being called by my shortened name, or Alfalfa. Soon the time came for me to pick a new HotMail account nickname and all the ones I could think of were taken. I decided to combine two of the nicknames people constantly called me. I integrated the Ron and the Alfalfa. Since RonAlfalfa sounded kind of weird, I shortened my nickname to Ronalfy. Luckily for me, the nickname was so original I could use it for practically anything. When I decided to start my own domain, it was just natural for me to pick my domain as Ronalfy.com.

Now I’ve had my fair share of criticism for the nickname. People have told me it sounds gay, or childish. I simply do not care for any of that criticism. Everybody has a nickname, screen-name, or some other sort of identification. I just happened to pick my own and it has its own special meaning. When I tell people the origin of my nickname, it finally starts to make sense. The people say, “Oh yeah… You do kind of look like Alfalfa.” Ronalfy fits me.

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