A Weird Place for Colgate

I was at my local H.E.B. grocery store and noticed something strange.

Beneath the yogurt section was a display for Colgate Total.

A Weird Place for Colgate

I am puzzled as to why Colgate was placed where it is. Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “A Weird Place for Colgate”

  1. Marketing companies can get pretty creative. One way the boost sales is to place an item in high traffic areas and this is what likely happened here.

    So, along comes “happy homemaker” and she thinks “oh, I probably need a couple of these”.

    Another favorite ploy used by Wally World is they will place the fruit that they have too much of in the end caps facing the incoming doorway. Or they will place fruit that is getting old & they need to move in a hurry at the opposite end of the registers.

  2. Kelly @ Zen Alarm Clocks

    I think they are always trying new things to see what works. I doubt that it will be there next time you go to the store! What if you don’t even use Colgate? I’m sure some poor sap was getting his yogurt and thought, if only it was Aquafresh!

  3. i do the same thing with my companys product … we put it any where there is high traffic … we will put a bag of seed next to wood if we thought people walk by it a few times.

  4. Joey’s my Son – he’s learning a lot about marketing these days. Pretty soon he’ll be able to sell ice cream to Eskimos or even run for President & win like another recent “popular candidate”.

    I just wish that popularity was a skill that translated into being a President who is actually good for the country……..

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