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A Twist on Red Vs. Blue

My brother and I were talking yesterday about how we grew up and how things have changed. My brother and I grew up in a primarily “brown” neighborhood with a good amount of black people as well. We were definitely outcasts being half-white and half-mexican. We never got in many fights, but never fit in either. In other words, our credibility was a little low due to the color of our skin.

In Las Vegas, the Bloods Vs. Crips was a real fear. You didn’t dare wear certain colors, even if that was the only color left in your closet. The Red Vs. Blue debate was real. People literally were beat down for what they wore to school.

As our conversation progressed, my brother and I began to debate politics. I made an observation that my brother and I were arguing a different Red Vs. Blue: we were arguing Republicans Vs. Democrats.

It’s interesting how much my brother and I have matured seeing that we no longer worry about gangs; however, we are now arguing about politics. I find it very coincidental that the Red Vs. Blue debate hasn’t changed as we have grown older.

For another twist on Red Vs. Blue, please read an outside post entitled, “What We Have Here, Is A Failure To Communicate.” The author briefly compares the turf wars that Bloods and Crips have to the insurgents in Iraq. The author concludes that just like we wouldn’t give South Central Los Angeles over to thugs fighting over land, we shouldn’t do the same thing in Iraq. It is a rather interesting read.

2 thoughts on “A Twist on Red Vs. Blue”

  1. I think the most interesting point was that when we were kids you could be friends with a "Crip" but if you did, you could not be friends with a "Blood". And I compare that to politics at this point in our country.

    This country and politics have become primarily partisan. For example, you hear on the news how if a politician votes on a certain issue he is automatically a liberal (blue) and is immediately rejected by the republicans (red). Partisan politics have become almost gang-like — you cannot be considered a Democrat unless you vote liberal on every issue and vise-versa.

    It has become almost a joke to watch the Democrats and Republics disregard important issues merely because they are playing partisan politics. Red Vs. Blue continues even as adults. And that article points out the fight in Iraq is a fight of power. Gangs fight for power. Our politicians fight for power. Kinda crazy, huh!

  2. I agree. And with politicians like Hillary Clinton trying to be somewhere in the middle, she is getting flack from both sides. On one side the Republicans are dissing her because she doesn't belong, and on the other side the Democrats are dissing her because she is being disloyal to the Democratic party.

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