A Texas-Based Pizza Chain is Accepting Pesos. So What?

A Texas-Based Pizza Chain called Pizza Patrón is now accepting pesos.

Some of the arguments against this move are as follows:

  • Accepting pesos encourages illegal immigrants.
  • Businesses in the U.S. should only take dollars.
  • This is America!
  • If you’re an American citizen, you should use dollars.
  • This is a slap in the face considering the border issues.
  • And more…

All of the above arguments are either red herring, appeal to emotion, appeal to patriotism, or straw man. In other words, the arguments have no logical merit and are not even worth discussing.

Let’s look at the history of Pizza Patrón and see why accepting pesos is just part of a smart business decision.

History of Pizza Patrón

The first Pizza Patrón opened on April 16th, 1986 in Dallas, Texas. Today, the chain has 59 restaurants in multiple cities including Las Vegas, Denver, Los Angeles, El Paso, and Austin.

Pizza Patrón strives to serve the Hispanic community. Part of their values is as follows:

To serve the Hispanic community is our passion. We want to provide great food at an exceptional value to every neighborhood we can. Our stores are clean, bright and cheerful. They are an asset to the neighborhood. We conduct business in an honest and professional way. Our store managers live in the very same area as the Pizza Patrón store they work in. We make great food and sell it at the lowest possible price.

But Why Accept Pesos?

As seen in the values above, Pizza Patrón is interested in serving the Hispanic community. Antonio Swad — the president of Pizza Patrón — stated in a FoxNews article that many of his customers come back from visiting Mexico and have pesos left over. His stores accept 12 pesos for every dollar.

Not only is Pizza Patrón providing a convenience for its core demographic, it is also making a little money on the conversion between pesos and dollars.


Pizza Patrón is just a business trying to survive just like every other business. Pizza Patrón’s target demographic is Hispanics, and one way to target that audience is to accept a currency nobody else is willing to. Pizza Patrón is providing a convenience for its target demographic and should be commended for wise business sense, not chastised for encouraging illegal immigration or being Un-American.

3 thoughts on “A Texas-Based Pizza Chain is Accepting Pesos. So What?”

  1. My first thought after hearing about this was "How dare they!?!". But, after checking that thought and thinking a bit more about the situation, I had to revise my initial opinion.

    I currently live in Germany, and there are several places (restaurants, mainly) that accept Euros and dollars, which is very convenient for an American who gets his paycheck in dollars. I have also travlled through England, which (again, in various places) accepts both the Euro and the British pound. Why not accept the currency of a country that is nearby?

    In the end, it is up to the store/restaurant to decide if it wants to take up the extra burden of handling two currencies. If they want to make someone's ability to shop in their establishment easier, far be it from me to try to stop them.


  2. They wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t making them money and added convinience to customers. Would anyone complain about places near the US/Canada border that take Canadian dollars, too? Or about places in Canada and Mexico that take US dollars?

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