A Strange Recommendation

For some reason, I couldn’t stop laughing out loud after searching the Fry’s Electronics website for their hard drive selection.

Hard or Drive?


  1. No way….just tried it; think you’re hallucinating or something cuz it worked just fine for me. hmmmmmmm….what would Freud say? 😉

  2. Maybe it has an error within the website? or something???

  3. Maybe it is HARD TO DRIVE 🙂

  4. Sometimes those small search engines not combined with the Big One (G) gives very surprising results. I had few such adventures myself.

  5. It’s nothing more than a simple search engine asking you to submit a smaller string of words. No intellegence at all.

  6. WOW, that’s really very funny. Obviously there’s a flaw in how their SE script operates. I’ve had problems like that before on other sites, but none that bad.

  7. Type in a string that returns nothing and your get a request to trim down your search. The search engine doen’t use any intellegence to tailor the response. It can’t – to do so would mean the search engine would need to apply some syntax rules like to not suggest hard or drive in place of hard drive.

    All sites that incorporate a basic search engine suffer from the same flaw.

  8. It works fine with me. I tried two keywords “hard Drive” and harddrive” and it gaves me good search results. Well i guess search engine play with you. Or maybe search engine lost his mind temporarily. hahaha.

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