A Product That Insults Our Intelligence

American culture is that of cleanliness. I’m rather proud of my germaphobic culture.

However, there is a point of crossing the line.

I was fine with automatic toilets, auto-dryers, auto-soap-dispensers… To me, it was more of a convenience rather than something freeing me from “germs.”

However, I saw a product with the tagline, “Never touch a germy soap pump again.”

I was immediately reminded of one of those Nationwide commercials, “Guys, I just gagged!”

Seriously? Never touch a germy soap pump again? Really? How in the world have I gotten through my 28 years without such a product?

So why is our intelligence being insulted because of this product? What happens after you touch a germy soap pump? You *gasp* wash your hands.

What happens if you use the “touch-free” soap pump? You *long pause* wash your hands.

Am I missing something here?

8 thoughts on “A Product That Insults Our Intelligence”

  1. No you haven’t missed anything – it’s just the spin doctors leveraging another phobia in the name of profit.

    But my favorite is the OnStar commercials. The latest stupidity is where the focus on the fact that you may not be able to reach your cell phone. OK, so I’m in a horrible accident on the parkway. Do I care if I can reach my cell phone? He!! no, I just want to make sure I’m OK! Also, I guarantee that about a dozen bystanders dialed 911 before I even had a chance to look for my phone!

  2. The OnStar commercials are hilarious.

    I agree with you about the “disorientation” effect on phones.

    The first thing I’m going to do in an accident is to get the heck out of my vehicle.

  3. Yeah, that’s a little out of control. The part I hate is having to pull a door handle after just washing my hands. Most people don’t wash, so it kind of defeats the purpose. I try to keep the towel and toss it after I use it to open the door. Yes, I am a germaphobe

    1. Nothing wrong with being a germaphobe. I just hated the fact that the commercial was so blatantly ignorant.

      I, too, don’t like grabbing the door handle in public restrooms. If the door is a “push” one, I usually use my body or elbow to open the door.

  4. If you really watch people you can get hung up in how dirty we really are. And it’s not just in the bathroom! We all tend to touch or scratch our under arms and other ‘places’, then we have no problem touching others or food. We sit down in a chair or at a table in a public place with no concern over who was there before.

    I used to work with a lady who would wash absolutely everything before she ate. One day she sat down for break after washing her apple. She carefully sat the washed apple on a CLEAN paper towel then proceeded to eat it. I asked “What about your hands?” and she responded with “I washed them along with my apple.” Then I responded with “But you touched the chair with your hands before sitting down and you just put both hands face down on the table.” She gave me a dirty look & went and washed her hands again!

    My point is. If all of this contamination were truely harmful, we’d all be dying from a host of communicable diseases, but we aren’t!

  5. What about the latest – the insurance company that claims to save me money with their “Vanishing Deductible”? And how does this save me money?

    So, the plan kind of goes like this – every year I buy insurance from them and don’t have an accident my deductable goes down but my premium stays the same. In other words, unless I have an accident the program saves me nothing!!!!

    Do you plan on crashing today? I don’t.

  6. Yep, it’s all marketing!!! And here’s another long term cycle or trend.

    Instead of raising their prices, the candy bar people (you pick the brand, they all do it) shrink the size of their candy bars as food cost goes up. Then once they have gone as far as they can they bring the candy bar back up to the size it was, increase the price and add a label along the lines of “20% more!!!!”

    The soda people do it too. That’s why you see 16 ounce Coke in the same shape bottle as the 20 ounce in the convenience stores. They are usualy in the shelf just below the 20 ounce and the shelf is marked with something like “Look, under a dollar!!!!”

    You’ll see the 16 ounce go away once customers get used to paying more for the 20 ounce drinks.

    When it comes to retail we are all like a bunch of lemmings. Think Wally-World is in the business of saving you money? Think not!

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