A Podcast Nightmare

I should have watched what I ate last night before going to bed. I ended dreaming about leading a Podcast in person with four people: Katers17, Cetroyer, a guy named Shawn Blanc, and myself. Now having Katers17 made the dream a little less nightmarish, but the way the Podcast was conducted was rather embarrassing.

For those of you that don’t know what a Podcast is, a Podcast is essentially a radio broadcast that can be downloaded and listened to on your computer or some other mobile device (i.e., iPod).

The Podcast began by me asking rather stupid questions. Katers17 was too high-strung to answer any of my questions, so whenever I passed the microphone to her to answer a question, she would always pass the microphone off to Cetroyer. Anything that could go wrong in the Podcast did go wrong. The microphone was constantly being dropped, the topics were way off in left field, and Katers17 refused to talk to me! I burped a few times, and the whole conversation was unorganized.

It was interesting that Shawn Blanc was in my dream. I have visited his website once before, and I don’t even know what the dude looks like. However, here he was in my Podcast nightmare.

Well, as a result of my horrible Podcast in my dream, I have decided not to embark on creating my own Podcasts. An exception would be if Katers17 will actually talk to me this time. Then having a horrible Podcast might be worth it.

On a lighter note, I had a second dream that consisted of my sister coming home from Iraq. I got to hug her for a while. For some reason when I woke up, my cat kept running away from me. Hmmmm.

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