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A Month Without the Cancer Sticks

I wrote on January 10th that I was trying to end my love affair with cigarettes.

I must say that it has been an interesting month. Some who know me well would say I picked the absolute wrong time to quit in my life. I have probably never been more stressed and I don’t see the situation improving anytime soon. However, I’m glad I made the choice to quit.

For those who smoke and are skeptical of Chantix, I can tell you that it has worked so far. I stopped taking the drug after three weeks, mostly because I forgot to keep taking the pills.

I have been in several clubs so far (that have smoking allowed) and have been able to resist the temptation to light one up.

Since quitting, I have seen a marked increase in my running ability. It’s only been a month, but I can definitely see that quitting helped out quite a bit. I still have cravings, but they lessen every day.

I truly hope I never pick up a cigarette again, but I know that once you are a smoker, you are always a smoker. There’s always the chance of reverting back to past behavior. Hopefully I have ended my love affair with cigarettes for good.

Writer and software engineer Ronald Huereca has been a developer at notable agencies like iThemes and 10up. His varied background has him working with WordPress since 2006, eventually creating his own plugin which, of course, lead to more. He spends quite a bit of his time volunteering with the WordPress project as a core and polyglot contributor. With all of his passions, writing has been the way Ronald expresses himself best. He has written both technical books as well as fiction. Some of his works include Project Mayhem, Mindefusement, and WordPress and Ajax. “You can only delay the inevitable” is his favorite quote. Ronald enjoys reading Stephen King and John Grisham. When he’s not writing, Ronald dreams of building websites filled with cats yawning, disclaimers his strong opinions, sings karaoke, and advocates for empathy surrounding mental health.

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