A Mac Event Six Years in the Making

I last bought a computer for myself in January of 2001. Back then my Dell was the top of the line. Now it’s a sluggish piece of… computer parts.

As my contempt towards Dell grew, and with buggy Vista now released, I found myself in a dilemma over what my next computer would be. I vowed never to buy a Dell again. And all of the computers I saw at other stores has Vista on them. What to do?

Rather than upgrade my sinking ship to another sinking ship, I decided to jump to a completely different vessel. Two 1/2 weeks ago I ordered a 15″ MacBook Pro and today it finally arrived.

I admit it’ll be a challenge learning a completely different OS and finding the software that does what I’m used to, but I know I’ll eventually make it work.

The quality control kitty inspects the box for defects.

The MacBook Pro box is fully featured. It even comes with a tail.

I’ve never seen a laptop so well packaged.

Define irony: a cat taking refuge in a box shipped from China.

10 thoughts on “A Mac Event Six Years in the Making”

  1. I am in the exact same boat as you…. after 7 years or so of windows and going through seemingly every possible scenario of windows errors from blue screens to failure to start errors I finally conceded that I need to switch as well. I’m about 6 months away and my dell laptop is alright, but there are still day to day issues that waste time and will never end. I’m planning on getting an airport extreme, 23 inch monitor, and macbook pro…. I’m sure it will be the biggest no brainer move ever….

  2. retroman,
    I think that’s my favorite Bible verse 🙂

    I was thinking of returning the box with my cat in it. I looked at the iMacs, but I wanted something portable.

    Thank you. I’m slowly but surely figuring it out. The hard part right now is learning the shortcut keys.

    The macbook pro is extremely nice. The first thing I noticed was how quickly it woke up from sleep mode and how thin it is compared to other laptops.

  3. Excellent choice, Ronalfy.

    Too bad XP 64 is working so well for me. Don’t have a reason to switch. Of course, it wouldn’t be switching for me, just going back to what I grew up on. 🙂



  4. Just over a month ago I got a Mac Pro for my other office. I had never spent more than a few minutes on a Mac before. Here is my short list of likes and dislikes so far:

    1. Very Fast Machine
    2. Keyboard is sensually smooth to type on
    3. The scroll button on mouse is amazing
    4. Safari is really fast
    5. Mail is intuitive and easy

    1. No right click feature
    2. I have programs I need that won’t run on the Mac OS
    3. I miss IE7, okay shoot me I don’t care I still miss it
    4. I haven’t mastered downloading programs and installing yet
    5. Sometimes I get lost on the keyboard especially since I use three pcs and one laptop every day

    Specs, Mac Pro with Apple Bluetooth keyboard/Mouse, Two 16X Super Drives, Two 2.66Ghz Dual Core Xeons, 2Gigs Ram, 250GB HD and iWork 08

  5. Joey,

    I agree with all of your likes. For your dislikes though, I’ve come across a few things. I have a Mac Book Pro.

    1. If I put two fingers on the touchpad and click, it’s right+click. In your case, you can also use any PC mouse (USB) and right+click as well. I use the Logitech VX Revolution, which is an awesome laptop mouse.
    2. I use Rosetta Stone through my work, and it only works on PC. I installed Parallels and bought an XP upgrade and was able to get it to work on a mac.
    3. I use IE7 on a mac through Parallels.
    4. I’m with you on this, but it gets easier the more programs I install. Basically you want to have all your programs installed under Applications.
    5. I can definitely relate, especially with no alt+printscreen and the Apple shortcuts.

    Some other things I really like about it. The dashboard is awesome since I can place a bunch of nifty widgets such as screen captures, website stats, g-mail, and other things. I also love the expose feature (under Apple->System Preferences). Once you get used to it, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.

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