A Long WordCamp Weekend

This week I was able to attend my first blogging conference called WordCamp Dallas in Frisco, TX.

I learned quite a bit, but at the end I was just wore out. I spent my last night in Dallas at a new friend’s place, and he caught me as I fell asleep uploading pictures.


12 thoughts on “A Long WordCamp Weekend”

  1. I’m envious that you got to attend WordCamp. And I’m even more envious that you were in the Dallas area. I grew up North of Fort Worth, so I definitely miss it. And hopefully someday I’ll be able to make WordCamp.

  2. @Alex,
    I really can’t quite remember. All I have to say is that the flight to Birmingham and the drive back up to Huntsville was “torture”.

    Dallas was great, but fortunately we were in Frisco for most of it as I would have easily have gotten lost in Dallas. Such a huge place.

  3. That’s awesome… falling asleep on the laptop means you were working hard! Haha, that sounds like a good conference, you must have learned some good things and met some influential bloggers along the way.

  4. I did this, too, a couple days ago, mid-task. Wasn’t a writing conference, though, but an animation festival. Maybe they slip something into the refreshments.

  5. WordCamp is coming to Minneapolis. I’m a big WordPress fan, but wasn’t sure if WordCamp is useful when there is so much free WordPress information online—probably anything you wanted to know about WordPress is online. Any thoughts on how WordCamp was helpful/useful to you?

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