I have always been somewhat of a runner, but didn’t get extremely serious about until July of last year. I will probably never be a marathon runner, but I’ve been able to increase my stamina to a point where I can run about four miles comfortably on a treadmill. Outside it’s about two to three miles.

My quest to improve my running resulted in my attempt to quit smoking. So far I’ve been able to lay off the cancer sticks for a little over four months.

One day last week I was having a bad case of the pits. It seemed that everything was going wrong and I had absolutely no energy or desire to do anything. I was moody, tired, and burnt out. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

On my drive home from work, I decided I would take a little run around the lake near my apartment complex (about 5 kilometers length). During this run, I found myself daydreaming and thinking about the things that were bothering me. During the run it all seemed so trivial.

I felt much better after my run. I wasn’t as tired. I was ready to start fresh. For me, a run was a cure for a really bad day.