A Christmas Tree With Presents

I overheard an interesting conversation at work recently. The topic was about Christmas presents. One lady explained that she had all of her Christmas shopping done. Another explained that she had yet to begin.

I chimed in and told them that I had yet to buy many presents because I’m such a procrastinator. Their response was, “Most men are.”

After a brief moment of silence, a third lady joined the conversation and said, “I haven’t bought a Christmas present in years.”

We all stood silent, waiting for the lady to explain.

“My husband and I agreed that we weren’t going to give presents to each other. That was the end of Christmas presents for us.”

One of the ladies challenged her view, “So what do you do for presents then?”

She replied, “I don’t need a holiday to tell me when or when not to buy presents for those dear to me. For me, Christmas is year-round.”

After that comment, the conversation drifted towards the absurdity of retail holidays. However, the lady’s comment about not buying presents made me ponder. What if there was a Christmas without presents? I have never gone a Christmas without presents, but it makes so much sense that Christmas is not about rushing to the store to cross a name off of a list.

I pose a question to the reader: what do you think Christmas would be like if there were no presents involved?