500 Words – Pedophiles Helping Other Pedophiles

Girl Being Watched By a Guy

There are how-to guides just about everywhere on the Internet. One of my favorite sites that I read daily is called wikiHow. Absent from this “how-to” site is how to be a pedophile or help with being one. Is there something wrong with learning about how to be a pedophile — someone who is attracted to young children?

While I will try to refrain from judging rather harshly, I would have to say there is something seriously wrong with a site that is geared towards pedophiles and helps pedophiles “engage in their hobby” of stalking (err, watching) young girls. One such website I learned about is called Stegl.org (no longer up, but a cache is provided). This website was geared towards helping pedophiles find safe ways to stalk little girls.

The former owner of Stegl — a 45 year-old Everett, Washington man named Jack McClellan — said that he didn’t see his website as a problem as long as children weren’t being hurt. In a related Foxnews article, McClellan said this when asked why he likes little girls: “I guess the main thing is I just think they’re cute, a lot cuter than women. I admit there is kind of an erotic arousal there.”


As horrible as Stegl.org was (thankfully it was taken down by his web host), there are still sites up that gear themselves to pedophiles. And these sites are not breaking the law. Huh?

For example, this quotation is listed in the FAQ of AnnaBelleigh.net (not work safe) regarding “Who are These People Posting Here”:

They are a portion of the male and female population ranging in age from their teens to quite old who share a bond of having a particular affinity for teen and/or pre-teen girls.

Having how-to guides for pedophiles (with some sites still live) begs the question: is there something the rest of us (who are not pedophiles) missing? The owner of Stegl.org compared pedophilia to other hobbies (such as liking birds). To compare someone else’s child to a bird is ludicrous. I doubt there is an organization out there solely dedicated to stalking and locating baby birds. Furthermore, birds are animals in the wild where there is hunter and prey. Are the children the prey of pedophiles?

Stegl.org from Archive.org

Perhaps there is something I’m missing here. Being a pedophile itself is not actually breaking the law. Only after a pedophile has sexually abused a child is being a pedophile a bad thing, right? Am I simply being too harsh because I don’t understand them (the pedophiles)?

I do know this, however: it seems to me that providing an environment where pedophiles can freely “observe” kids is like hanging the carrot in front of the horse. The temptation is already there for these people; it wouldn’t be that much more difficult to take the pedophilia one stop further and hurt a child.

How-to websites for pedophiles should be taken down. Kids need to be able to grow up in peace without having some older stranger looking onwards in a lustful manner. Sure, children are beautiful. However, there is a point where the beauty of children can be perverted… in the form of pedophilia.

That’s my 500 Words.

I have five screenshots of two pedophile sites on my Flickr account.

Update 08/14/2007: Jack McClellan was arrested near the University of California in Los Angeles for violating a restraining order regarding minors.

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  1. Since I have a little daughter this topic concerns me a lot. If it was up to me, once a pedophile is caught, he should be sentenced to lifetime in prison – I don't want to see him released from the penitentiary – in my opinion, they never change.

    As for such websites: how can the site owner say that he "didn’t see his website as a problem as long as children weren’t being hurt"? Can he assure that? What if the children are being hurt after one of those perverts visited his site? Will he take the site down? Again, in my opinion, even the owners of such sites should be put in jail. A normal person would never put websites like that live.

    1. I concur.
      I was a abused,but hey since they call it love and it ok,not being “hurt” guess what it is mentally emotionally and physically because they’re to young to understand what going on,when the adult does.

  2. inspirationbit,
    Being a non-parent, I can't totally relate, but I do understand the need to keep pedophiles away from children. I don't want it to ever be socially acceptable in the US — or Canada for that matter — to be a pedophile.

  3. All pedophiles should be castrated and have their fingers removed without any medication. I would seriously reccomend suicide as an honorable way to end their evil ways. Then they would be no longer be a threat to children.

    1. many pedofiles like myself have been abused thats why we think like we do because we have been trained from our abuser but I looked into and been in many treatment programs don’t throw us under a bus IM well now but the memorys still remain you people need to stop judging us cause we still hurt too it’s a disease created by satin and the media likes to call it sex sells but in all reality we are all still hurt and law just wants a conviction to cause it’s a money and control thing i was abused i abused someone and they will abuse someone why can’t we all just get realistic and make things right ???

      1. good title pedofiles helping pedofiles why aren’t we helping pedofiles why is’ent law just? they are making things worse by condemning and labeling us in their ways it’s all about money and control no hope no job no home no second chance we still suffer even if you offer to make things right..when your kid is arrested for this think about the 50yold kid who is still suffering and wondering why he or she is in the same situation?? but as i said im now well..is your kid well..?..are YOU well..??..I think the world and the law are not WELL..like i said don’t throw us under a bus cause you throw us all under a bus the abused and the abuser and the not yet or ..don’t judge just cause you think it’s right THAT’S GOD’S JOB…and i’ve got GOD…and he’s got me…..

      2. You must call on Jesus Christ to save and redeem you! It’s the only way to be healed and forgiven! I’m not talking about a religion.. I’m talking about THE PERSON of Yeshuah/Jesus and father Yehovah God!

      3. I think all Pedophiles should be put to death. If you molest a child you kill their innocents. And if you were molested as a child you know how it destroys your life, so why would you do to a child what you know was done to you. All child molesters should be given the electric chair.

  4. I’m ABIT of a dodgey character when it comes to children but this is plain wrong and should be shut off immediately. but their should be more help for pedophiles because there are people who are abit dodgey like me, and let me tell you im dead odvious because im an open person its my nature and altho i have done many bad things mainly watched things i shouldn’t have, i carry regrets for doing it and i can’t hide what i have done wrong to other people because i know its bad. but imagine im never going to get a GF due to my problem most people hate me instinctively, im constantley watching my back, and people are watching it for me with razors for eyes. i can’t cope with the fact that i may be a pedophile so im either not or in denial but i do act strange and that makes people think i am. the real pedophiles, the really sick ones that think its ok should be shot because they have got it lodged in their head, you can’t fix a person like that, but the very mild ones like me need understanding. i mean the LAST thing i want near me is a child, i don’t like to talk about them, i avoid conversation about them (and themselves even if there is no-body about i don’t care). But imagine i can never have children (Oh i was abused, not badly but i was abused). i even avoid male children, and im VERY straight, the word child gives me a nervous smile. i spend alot of time inside, i live right next to a school i have a young sister (11-12) but im only twenty myself i used to look for pictures of tennage girls when i was 13 but so did my friend and i on’t think he is having the same problems as me. i just want to be pitied. this hell is never going to end. i used to be a baby sitter, a good baby sitter. im attracted to older women (attractive older women) fell in love with a 25-30 year old, i think she could tell there was something wrong with me so she didn’t want me, that really broke my heart. my sister(12) used to flirt with me, in a quite serious way, because i think she thought i would actually do something, odviously never did or would. but watching porn off of peer networks has screwed up my perception abit. ive lost friends. i take drugs tell help me, illicite ones like base. i can’t work out if im so paranoid of being a pedo, dirty pedo as i call it, that its causing me to act like one or i am one in denial. i know that sex with minors is wrong, and that children are sometimes attracted to adults, in a sexual way kinda, and that the adult should never take advantage of this, as children do not know enough to be making large decisions like that. i like children and would love to teach one, my son hopefully if this shit storm ever wears of all i know. i used to be really good with children, now i lack confidence to go near them. when i see a girl who is young yet attractive i think i say in my head that she will grow up in to an attractive girl, then imagining older, then imagine have sex with her. thats all from me folks bye

  5. Being a pedo myself, and wanting a daughter, i dont like people hating on things they dont understand. As a pedo i hate child abusers. I have never been abused or associate with abusers. I love little girls they are incredibly beautiful but i would never hurt one. You people make me sick. Pedoism is natural but we have control over our actions most of us wait for a girl we fall for never doing anything illegal. We wait for them because we love them. Stop pretending you know what a pedo is, its harder then hell for us. But i wish to see abusers die.

  6. “A Wilkin says…

    All pedophiles should be castrated and have their fingers removed without any medication. I would seriously reccomend suicide as an honorable way to end their evil ways. Then they would be no longer be a threat to children.”

    You are fuckn asshole. I’m a pedophile, I never asked to be, and you just wouldn’t have a first clue what it’s like for me. what I have been through. Agreeing with the post at the bottom of the page, I too have no affinity to hurting children, I am also not a danger to any children as I am in control over my actions, I don’t stalk and never will do. You don’t have to accept me, so I don’t have to accept you either. I have come close to killing myself many times over the matter, it’s not like we accept it lightly. being a pedophile isn’t wrong, nor is it illegal, abusing/abducting children is illegal, get your facts right before you go off on one just because you’re a parent with a kid. Know what my theory is? Although most of you would claim that intergenerational sexual contact is “wrong” and “immoral” I believe that that is actually a mask statement, I believe that it is more about you simply not liking the idea of sex with kids, that you actually find it disgusting (which is obvious because you’re not a pedophile). Same happened with homosexuality, for hundreds of years, people said being gay was wrong, only because they found it disgusting because they aren’t gay themselves. I find gay sex quite disgusting myself, but that’s only because i’m not gay – does that mean I should persacute them for it? just goes to show how ignorant all you pedo-haters all are. Thank you.

    1. Pedophilia whether you think you have control or know you don’t, is a threat to society! If your attracted to children in anyway sexual you are a very sick individual! What he stated above castration! Will only work in conjunction with medication!

  7. Guys, I know this is a touchy subject (no pun intended), but there is no need to swear on my blog. You can get your point across without resorting to strong language. If you can’t, then your comment doesn’t belong here.



  8. Well first off, I think theres nothing wrong about having sexual feelings, urges or even
    relationships with children as long as they arent hurt in any way. Now People may argue that
    even having such a relationship with them will hurt them, but why is that, because its
    parents and society are telling children that its wrong and that causes them to feel
    embarassed, abused and violated. Thus if a adult has a sexual relationship with a child
    without harming him/her in any way explaining every little detail and leaving the child to
    decide what makes it still wrong , because society in its majority has deemed it unusual,
    unconventional and harmful. Im sorry but thats ignorant. Think about it, 30 years ago we
    never had these child molesting issues we have now, we didnt have people raping, molesting
    and murdering children left, right and center. Why is this, because it wasnt as evil and
    immoral back then to just love or have sexual urges over a child or look lustfully at a
    child (dont get me wrong raping, molesting, abusing or harming anybody, nevermind a child,
    is and always should be pure evil), thus people portrayed it as weird but it wasnt a serious
    crime. Now just hinting at the faintest clue of having sexual urges or no just finding
    children sexually attractive automatically makes you satan incarnate. This causes a lot more
    tension and stress on people and as time rolls on and the responses and punishments getting
    worse for acts that seemed not so bad 30 years ago people tend to get a little more
    psychotic and out of control thus the increase in child molesting that we see today. Think
    of it this way, 30 years ago child rape and molesting were virtually unheard of now its one
    of the most occuring crimes, I mean do the math. Finally thats where my urges come in, I
    wouldnt mind having a sexual relationship with a prepubescent girl, completely consensual, I
    mean I cant stress enough the fact on how much I hate child rapests, molesters and murderers
    I mean I do like girls on a higher level than normal people thus its only natural for me to
    hate those that hurt them in any way, I sometimes just get pissed if a parent would ignore
    or yell at their daughter in the mall. Im just saying its unfair that society clumps true
    pedophiles (child lovers) with child molesters (those that hurt children). I just hope that
    some day society can open their eyes, and start embracing individuality than pushing it

    1. Nope!
      See that’s just normalizing pedophilia or hebephilia by using soft language to make it sound like it isn’t what we all know it is. It’s a grown man or grown woman having a romantic relationship with a child.
      Picture that for a moment.
      It’s easy for me to picture that, I can’t get those images out of my head. They most likely be burned into my mind until I die. I was 6 years old when a man had a “loving relationship” with me. I can tell you firsthand I didn’t know anything about sex, I wasn’t thinking about sex, I didn’t feel aroused, I didn’t know what arousal was, I didn’t even know what he had done to me, it didn’t make any sense. Because I was 6…
      A man sodomizing you doesn’t doesn’t translate well to a 6 year old.
      I just knew that it hurt a lot and I had to go to the hospital after and have my anus reconstructed.
      I was a child and children Have just barely any grasp on what the different parts of their bodies do.
      Children are not in any way emotionally ready for sexual Anything!
      They’re not capable of giving consent, and regardless of what you think it does damage to their Psyche, Their Sense of Self Worth, Their Innocence and their Childhood.
      is just as disgusting, unnatural, and degenerate to fondle, lick or penetrate a little girl that you perceive as consenting as it is to forcibly sodomize a little boy with your fist!!
      Either Way That Child Will Be Damaged and Will Share Your Emotional Burden…
      I decided along time ago that if I was attracted to children, I would do literally everything to keep from hurting a child including suicide.
      But I knew it wouldn’t come to that because there are therapeutic means that work, medication and so on. Then of course if all else fails there’s a surgical option… that takes the thoughts right out of your head according to every doctor I spoke to about the matter. .
      I would’ve gone to that extreme to prevent myself from molesting or raping a child.
      Thank Yahweh I didn’t have to.
      I’m not attracted to infants, kids, adolescents or teenagers, and I’m strait… that’s a miracle all by itself.
      When I hear children’s laughter or see kids playing I smile and my heart is warmed to see that beautiful innocence and carefree spirit.
      If anything I envy their innocence, and the peace of mind that their innocence provides them.
      They have their entire adult lives to worry about adult things there’s no justification for introducing a child to sex. It’s the ultimate act of criminal selfishness and a betrayal to the civilized World to willfully destroy some kid’s entire life just so you can get your rocks off!!!
      That’s why regular people say pedophiles should be castrated, mutilated, and fed to the pigs.
      If you don’t understand that, then only thing I can suggest is seek psychiatric help try to come to terms with why the rest of the world rejects pedophilia so harshly.
      I am sorry for your affliction and I wish you the best of fortune in treating it.

  9. @A,
    It’s a matter of maturity. Can a prepubescent girl (as you say it) make a rational and mature decision compared to that of an at-age adult? I know some college-age girls who can’t make that decision wisely, much less a woman of much younger age.

  10. Yes, but if they agree to it and they are prepubescent, people think that its still wrong cause the child cant make decisions for herself, but thats the thing, if she was told and explained all the details of sex then asked if she wants to do it and says yes there is no harm done to her she knows what shes getting into and she did agree, now she might not have the insight older women have but she was never hurt and as long as shes reassured by enough people later in life that what she did when she was young is fine then she wont suffer in any way, physical or psychological. Thats the the thing though , this is where society comes in and reassures the girl later in life that what she did wasnt right, and what the man did wasnt right. This causes her to develop psychological trauma, feel ashamed and exposed. Thus it never was the pedophile or the girls fault.

    1. Are you kidding me! A pre-pubescent girl’s body (nevermind their MIND) is not ready for sex! Let children be children like God intended! Jesus has HARSH words for pedophiles, but you can repent still!

  11. @matt:

    I couldnt have said it better, pedophiles will never hurt children, that includes me. People only think its evil cause they dont agree with it, they wont do it, Im sorry but that is just ignorance. I myself have also related pedophiles today with gays a few years back, I agree 100% with you.

  12. I think there is more pedophiles than you can ever imagine,they were always there and the will be.think about it its not a newborn thing,”normal” people just never knew about it.we can;t really tell everyone cose,its not acceptable to love a child or someone younger than 18 in this country.that 18yo is a new thing girls used to get marryed at age 13 and they still do in many country.so would you lock up or kill those who marry a girl 13 just cose their religion works that way.?you guys “normal” people should really take a closer look at who hurts you child more a pedophile or Mc donald’s.you know its killing her,you still feed her with it.you “normal” peaople must be able to learn and see the different between a pedophile and a predator,not the same.thx.

  13. Thank you one finally another person that agrees with me, I like your example on the religion and different countries culture. Youn I just wish there were more people like you in this world.

  14. very intelligent advocating cutting off people’s fingers and castrating them because you disapprove of a persons sexual preference.

    maybe everyone should use violence against those who they disagree with.

    are we as a civilization becomeing more enlightened or more primative.

    judging by the comments made about “cutting fingers off”, it seems we are getting more primative.

  15. I am a pedophile and hate myself. It is not normal or natural to have the feelings and inclinations that I have. I am here to tell you that this is an abnormal psychological condition that I can’t figure out. I have no clue how why or where this came from with myself personaly. It started for me around puberty and has been present in my life until now. Children are innocent and learn from adults. They are at our mercy and in our care. They cant assimilate feelings and dont have any historical perspective. This condition has ruined my life in America. My life will forever be tragic due to this predisposition and or disease. I need a miracle. Dont let the pedophiles tell you any differently. They feel the same.

    1. Kyle, God honors that you are being honest that this is SINFUL to like children in a sexual way! Yeshuah/Jesus came to SAVE, not to destroy! You are struggling with demonic oppression and Christ can deliver you if you call on him to be saved! He WILL give you a miracle 100%

  16. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a pedophile. I have made this argument many, MANY times since I decided to accept myself as one (and even before that). All you have to realize is that pedophiles, by definition, will never actually harm children. That’s the distinction between “pedophiles” and “child molesters”. Everyone hates child molesters, especially pedos because they harm the children we love so much WHILE giving us a bad name.

    Child molesters are like rapists and only get off by being in control and dominant over someone else forcefully. Pedos simply have a sexual attraction to children, but are smart enough to know they can’t do anything about it because it’s illegal.

    I could go on, but I think the point is clear: Pedos are just regular people who shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are. The only reason we need to hide is the stigma that society puts on us causes paranoia, fear, and even blind hatred. Until we can overcome this, the majority of pedos will simply hide in the closet and wait, making casual glances at children, but never acting upon our feelings.

    It’s… really a horrible thing, but we’ll be content as long as we can continue to look without persecution. Maybe one day society will accept pedos almost as much as they accept homosexuals now, but that days seems a long, long ways away.

    1. hi another Pedo, i like your description of the differences between child molesters and Pedo. i admit to falling into the second category, as although i have never touched kids , i am attracted to and love young teen boys. I admit there are days the urges are very strong, but still i have never connected with a boy.
      Some say we should be castrated. but maybe that only solves half of the problem as child molesters are still out there creating harm.
      as you say, i hope someday we will be accepted, but its a way off yet.

  17. i dnt think anyone shud melessta a child i think it is sick and wrong anyone for even thinking about it shud be shot or get their balls chopped off if theye have melessted a child i think they shud be castrated

  18. Ok, I have no idea whether people are still contributing/reading this thread, but after reading the posts I felt that I had to add my two penny worth.

    First off, comparing pedophiles to gays is misleading. Homosexual activity is between two consenting ADULTS, whereas pedophilic activity is between an adult and a child below the age of consent. The participants in a homosexual relationship have the maturity to make an informed decision; one half of a pedophilic ‘relationship’ (isn’t rape a better term?) does not. The only thing they have in common is that they are sexual activities that are viewed with suspicion and disgust by the rest of society.

    To claim that having sex with a child is a natural act is misguided. It is not natural to have sex with someone who has not reached sexual maturity yet (ie, a CHILD).

    I accept that feeling sexually attracted to a child must be both frightening and depressing, and I feel genuinly sorry for those that experience these feelings. I respect those who realise they have a problem and seek help. However, those who believe that not only are their feelings natural, but should also be accepted by society, are not only outside of any sympathy but are also a potential threat to society. My father was a police officer for thirty years and the one thing he always said about pedos was that they are extremely manipulative, untrustworthy, weak people. The mere fact that you are attracted to children increases the likelyhood of you attempting to engage in a sexual relationship with one, and the only thing holding you back is either the disgust at your own feelings or a fear of what will happen when you are discovered.

    A and Another Pedo Says… if you are what you say you are then you are both very sick individuals and I hope that you get to spend the rest of your lives appreciating this with the help of the inmates of some maximum security prison.

    Also, I am somewhat disapointed by the lack of responses attempting to rebute these sickoes claims, unless lthis is some sort of joke I’m not getting…?

  19. …and this is what i say.children get hurt or killed by DRunk Drivers,angry parents,US soldiers,bombs(Heroshima,Nagasaki),chemical poisoning,you name it,its there.so now,we got to KILL THEM PEOPLE ALL,no exceptions US presidents included.Lets say there is a child dying of hunger somewhere in Africa”””wright now,she’s going,-she’s going,-GONE.you knew about it,but you still did not do A DAMN thing to save her.She was only 3.You just killed a child,you are a bad person.So why make a big deal about pedophiles,but not the others..At the end of the day we all have done or will do something wrong in our life.Pedophilia is something which condition you were born with,its not like you can choose to be one.yet you chose not to help that little girl.Being a pedophile is not a sin,to tuch a kid such way,that is.At this moment you don’t have a cure for this desise,and killing all people who you dont like not an option,we should spend energy,money and what ever to find it.The help lines today are all crap,no one will come and ask for help,and thas cose you scare them away.Who the hell would step forward when a complete destruction followes.thats cose of you making pedophilia something extremly bad,and you even tell everyone around the world,that he is one of them.god ,think about it.you might find a better way to deal with the issue.

    ps.i cant even take a f…king photo of my 1yo in the bath,without fear of that the police will knock on my door the next day,idiots.now that makes me MAD.

  20. hi guys. I just wanted to confess that i am a pedophile. I do find girls from 9 years old attractive. I do watch child porn and i keep erasing them because i keep trying to change, but i cant. But, i also like women, which brings me to say that i am a porn addict. I have tried looking for help in the internet, but doesnt really help.

    I was abused wen i was a child. I remember at least 2 different ocasions, from 2 different strangers, that committed sexual acts on me when i was about 7-9 yrs old. I also remember those same years my dad abused my sisters, which were 4 sister in total. I remember seeing my dad touching them in their privates just by playing around. My mom knew, and she got mad when he did such things but didnt paid much attention since he just played around (they were from mexico with no education). When I saw such things, I started getting aroused, so I kinda tried touching my 2 older sisters by playing around( I have 2 older and 2 younger). About 12 yrs old, I stopped trying to abusing my older sis and went for my young sisters. Around 13 I stopped and I was just thinking of girls all day, every day. I collected any porn that i could find.

    Around 15 yrs old, I came back abusing my 2nd younger sister. It just went on for years until she got a boyfriend and moved out, (she was 18, I was 24). Since she moved out I tried abusing my youngest sis, 17.

    Now, i am 26. Sadly to say, I tried abusing my younges sis on occasions and she hates me, and I feel trrible and ashamed for what i did AGAIN. She is trying to move out with her boyfriend. I LOVE her as a sister, but I dont deserve her, so i wish she can go live with him!

    My 2nd youngest sis visits on weekends and some weekdays. I get very aroused when I see her and she acually gets the same feeling sadly to say. I dont abuse her because she doesnt want to, but I know she still have feeling because I masturbate a short distance across from her when my parents and brother are distracted or away from us, and she poses so I can keep doing it.

    NOTE: I never penetrated any of my sisters of any sort, nor abused them unwillingly.

    So above all this, I can say that people like me are made, not born with this disease. I wish that my sisters can do something bravely like confront me and find help for us! I am a coward bastard. Most people like me are! I am so depressed and lonely, all because of this happening. Nobody knows these acts that i have committed, even none of my sisters know that i abused all of them. I know that I need help. I know that I have to stop, but i cant. I know I destroyed my life as well as theirs because of my acts. At least I didnt abuse anybody but them. I would do anything to go back in time and never touch them, or even me EVER existed! But it happend and im dieing inside. I want to live, but I dont know how to get out of this trapped hole.

    Right now I have 2 little nephews that i adore, and one niece on the way, and let me tell you that I would never, ever, think of doing anything to them. I honestly believe that I would never touch a young girl, and i have proved myself to that. But I do find little girls attractive.

    Please feel free to comment me on this and i will check back on the blog or on email, negative or positive. thank you for reading!


  21. Dear RT,

    First of all I would like to congratulate you on the courage to tell us about yourself. By writing what you have, you have done two really precious things. You have told your truth to yourself and allowed yourself to hear you. And you have started to understand yourself enough to start to move forward from here. By “move forward” I mean move in the direction of freedom from what you feel is “this trapped hole”.

    I am offering you a number of suggestions. If I were with you I’d be exploring each one with you, which I can’t do because of the email nature of this response. So perhaps you would like to consider them as invitations. You may be willing for some now and others later. Maybe some will never fit for you. Or you may try some and find they don’t help. They are only offerings. I do suggest you read and receive the whole of what is a long share, for I am not you – and only you can feel and know what works in you, and I do not know which among all this will be what you can most positively respond to.

    I hear you suffering, feeling depressed, sad, lonely, isolated, secret, ashamed, sorrow, trapped and ‘dying inside’, scared, desperate for help and longing for hope.

    The good news is that you are more than your sexuality and the hurt, unhappy you whom you feel you are. Within you is an intelligent, articulate, resourceful, capable young man. This is clear from your email.

    And something more, much more. I don’t ask you to accept today what I am about to say, for the regrets and hurts and fears within you may make that difficult. I ask you only to hear it, to allow a place within you for the possibility that it is true, and I hope come back to it in future, and nurture it as it grows in your mind. This: Within you is unlimited potential for loving and giving and, yes (will you dare to believe me?) peace, harmony and happiness.

    The other really good news is that no-one outside of yourself is making you feel what you feel. You are in charge of your mind – even though you perhaps sometimes don’t feel you are. Your way out of the ‘trapped hole’ may not be short or easy, but it is open. No-one has locked the door and thrown away the key. It will take time, effort, patience, and practice, but if you give it your whole will and determination nothing and no-one can stop you.

    What has happened is that your mind has formed some habits. The truth you have shared is that you feel highly sexualised, and that your experience as a child of your mom on the one hand and of your dad on the other has helped you to think of and look at women and girls as sex objects and powerless, and of yourself and men as sex carts. “I am man, therefore I screw.” And – correct me if I’m wrong – with little experience of love without sexuality.

    Somewhere though, you know, you have an awareness, that there are other ways to be, perhaps even ways you see that other men are. That you can give and receive love without sex. That you can see and enjoy beauty without having to possess or f*c* it. That you can enjoy a woman as a person, with a heart and a mind and a soul.

    One place to start to grow this side of you could be to take an interest in a few women in your world whom you find sexually unattractive – but who appeal to you as attractive in some other way. What qualities do you appreciate finding in another human being? Intelligent? Witty? Fun? Caring? Kind? Understanding? To take an interest in them as persons. To listen to their feelings, thoughts, desires, interests. To give of your compassion. To discover by experience what it is like to care for someone, to care about them, to want for their wellbeing. To take these first steps towards feeling what your childhood may never have brought you – love, love that is sex-free. The parenting you described yourself as having had is parenting that trained you in being sexual. But perhaps you have not had as much training in how to be with people in asexual loving friendships? In relational depth in relationships where the connection is all about each other as persons, and perhaps also common interests? If so, it is an active and conscious choice you can make now to begin to develop such friendships, as adult learning.

    One aspect of this is to choose to be with people in activities and places where it is easy to focus on something other than the surface of the body. Depending on what you like and what interests you, this could be anything from a book club to a gardening or birdwatching society, from building model railroads or painting steam engines to meditation. Frankly, any activity will help if it catches your enthusiasm and takes your attention to your intellect or your emotional being or your spiritual self or to some practical skill; especially creative activity.

    My next suggestion is an attitude of gratitude. Not just today, because it is Thanksgiving Day. Something good has come your way today. Be thankful. Something else came for you yesterday. Be glad. And you can think of your enduring gifts. Perhaps you have citizenship of the United States? There are a hundred million people who crave that and would work seven years in servitude to acquire it. You have the English language. You have education. How many adult Americans, Poles, Romanians, Indians spend hours every week to become able to speak or write English well?

    One choice that some people find nice is volunteering. Volunteering has the merits of bringing you in casual contact with people and of giving others something they find of worth. Of course I don’t mean volunteering in a school, camp, or other place where sex temptations are high! I am thinking more of assisting in an old people’s home, hospital or hospice, working with the blind or at an animal rescue center, teaching English to adult immigrants, that kind of thing.

    One reason I have mentioned gratitude and volunteering is that some people find that either or both are helping them to feel good about themselves. Since you have said how much you feel bad about who you are, learning to feel good about yourself could be a really precious change to cultivate. I don’t mean feeling good about a behavior that hurts someone else; I mean you feeling good about you, for you are so much more than that behavior. You surely have heard about ‘positive thinking’ – this is one area where you can choose to practice it!

    A practice that some people find helpful is the “Emotional Freedom Technique” a.k.a. “tapping”. Along with the physical process, a person when tapping uses an affirmation: “Even though I have “this problem*”(remember to replace it with your own words- emotion or pain), I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself”. (If you can’t find out enough about tapping on the Net to learn do it for yourself, and don’t know someone locally who can show you, tell me here your email address and I’ll send you a note privately.)

    By the way, if you feel short on the sensation of touch (as single guys can), it can be helpful to take advantage of touch resources that are socially acceptable – to hug trees, mindfully fondle pebbles, or play rugby. (Rugby is a ballgame with a lot of physical contact with team-mates as well as significant amounts of confrontational contact with opponents.)

    I’ve been busy describing a number of possibilities that you might find helpful for beginning and developing your choice to walk away from the mind habits you have spent 19 years cultivating. I wouldn’t feel complete though without also adding that you might choose to reach for transpersonal support. Prayer, affirmation, meditation are among the ways people do this. If you haven’t yet felt the presence of an invisible pure being, it would be understandable if you were skeptical about them. But from my own experience I can say with confidence that there are beings of infinite compassion, Spirit beings, beings of light, whose only wish is to help each one of us, to support us to know that we are deeply and for ever loved and accepted. People call them ‘angels’, or ‘devas’, or ‘Buddhas’. I find it very helpful to ask sincerely and often for the love and guidance of such a one.

    Lastly – I would be surprised if you have not considered psychotherapy and you may have reasons for not going there…… some people for example hesitate to visit a therapist because of the cost, or fear, or because of an offputting past experience of one, or any number of other causes. If you are hanging back from psychotherapy because of any such concern, I would like to express my own experience that therapists are not all alike and that if you try one for about four sessions you can use that time mainly to discover how you are getting on with that person and how safe you feel with them, and then you have a basis for continuing with them or not. Secondly, you could consider specifically looking for a “client-centered” therapist. If you are in the States this may be a bit of a treasure-hunt, unless you are in Chicago, but there are some in most states. In client-centered therapy, the experience of therapists who are at least reasonably good at it is “empathic understanding leading to lonely and alienated individuals being able to reconnect with others” and the clients’ “development of acceptance and trust in self and others”. I quote these words from therapists so you can see if these are aims that would appeal to you. It is a radically different way of psychotherapy from identifying the client (or patient) as having a problem or ‘disorder’ and then trying to give them a solution.

    Wishing you most well on your journey to living as your truly happy you.

  22. *Sigh* It looks as though this hasn’t turned into anything more positive since I last posted. I’m not too surprised, to be honest. It takes a long while to convince an entire society, but you have to try, even if it’s one person at a time.

    Let’s start off with this: if you molest a child, you are not a pedophile. You can’t be. You’re a child molester. There’s a big difference between finding yourself sexually attracted to a child and actually trying anything. Pedophiles love children (by definition of the word) and cannot bring themselves to harm that innocence. The innocence is what we find attractive after all. Remove the innocence and you’re left with… well… nothing.

    We really would love it if child molesters would stop calling themselves pedophiles. It gives us a bad (or worse) name. It would kind of be like me saying “Wow! Those gay guys sure love raping women!” Yeah… not even remotely true and kind of hurts your head to think about. No doubt, though, that hardcore homophobes would believe it to be true just because they hate gays so much. It really is kind of the same logic with pedophiles and the majority of society.

    I guess I’ll touch on some things mackay said, as he targeted my post:

    1. I didn’t say pedos and gays were the same. I said I hope we can achieve the same level of acceptance in society as they have (which is still little, but a lot more than we may ever see). Though, I will say that pedophilia is something you’re born with, much like being gay. You can’t help it, but you really shouldn’t WANT to, as you’re not doing anything wrong.

    2. I’ll say it for the 50 MILLIONTH time: True pedophiles won’t molest a child. EVER. Don’t reply to my comment until you understand this fact.

    3. Your father was (probably) a very untrusting and scared man who saw a lot of bad things in his thirty years. He made the mistake of putting the wrong label on a group of people and passed that misinformed knowledge to you.

    I am in fact not manipulative, untrustworthy OR weak person. I have a strong sense of justice and knowing right from wrong and have often changed those around me through example alone. I’ve gotten friends who led really bad lives to turn around because I became their conscience, so don’t try to tell me what kind of person I am.

    Also, I’ll go further to say that the majority of pedophiles I’ve met have been intelligent, caring, trustworthy people that I would rely on more than most anyone else. We’re a very gentle, idealistic people, you know ^_^

    4. You just kind of ended by saying “If you really aren’t a sick person that’s raping children like I was told, I hope you go to jail and get raped.” Yeah… your “logic” is sad. I really wish I was putting words in your mouth, but you said if I’m tellign the truth, you want me in jail. Well, what I was saying was that I’m not hurting anyone and I never would. I don’t see how you’re offended by that.

    Then again, you didn’t REALLY read my post thoroughly, did you? No… no you did not.

    Well that’s it. Aside from my utterly ripping to shreds mackay’s sad little attempt at being “smart”, my goals was to elaborate and try to help people understand the true beliefs and actions of pedophiles. We love innocence and wish to protect it. Child molesters are all about being in power over someone. Try to keep this in mind. This knowledge is the difference between ignorance and wisdom.

    1. The sexualized gaze of a pedophile is harmful to a child, along with any direct touching. There is no clear delineation between desires and acts here, as your thinking and looking and fantasizing are offensive acts in and of themselves. When pedophiles indulge in their fantasy lives for long enough, they often will act. They will also often get close to a child and deceive that child into thinking they are being loved and cared for, when actually they have desires for that child which are unhealthy and unwelcome. If a child is made to be sexually desired, that could cause trauma in the child. And if a child grows to trust an adult, that child may do what the adult wants them to do, making a sexual relationship appear consensual, because the child didn’t know what it was getting into. Any way you look at it, it’s wrong and should remain a social taboo in the strictest sense. I have no sympathy for pedophiles. They need to work to change their desire patterns, not be aided in perpetuating them. Placing individual sexual urges above social concerns at large is also wrong and destructive.

    2. I belive the same way i recently discovered i love young girls when they get in that flirty stage and dress really hot to catch an older guys eye. Anyhow i hpoe or wish that they would be a little more lenient on pedos because all some of us want to do is watch and its hard to find any sites these days

  23. At Peace Finally

    I too am a pedophile. First I must say that thus far the posts by “Another Pedo” seem to be the most intelligent and well-informed of them all. For many years I was ashamed of the feelings that I have for young (even pre-pubescent) girls. I never chose to be attracted to them. Most of my life I have tried to “force” myself to be attracted to women my own age but to no avail. In recent years I have learned to accept myself for who I am. There is NOTHING wrong with loving someone. No human-being can control whom they are attracted to. We can, however, control our actions. I never have, and never will, abuse a child.

    Sexual maturity in females is generally reached between the ages of ten and fifteen with the onset of puberty as early as six or seven. Undeniably, sexual activity with a girl not yet old enough to bear children is unnatural. If, however, the girl has reached sexual maturity, the issue is whether or not she desires it. Emotional/mental maturity is a non-issue. I’ve met many women over the age of thirty who are still not mature in this respect while I’ve known girls as young as eleven or twelve who were emotionally equipped to deal with just about every aspect of life. It should be noted, however, that casual sex with a “child” or an “adult” is not an act of love but rather an act of lust and carnal desire. Marriage, or at least a life-long commitment, would be an appropriate act of love. Pedophiles love. Child-molesters lust. The difference is as that of night and day.

    I have spent about eight-teen years of my life denying myself that which I desire most, Mackay. To call me “weak” is almost laughable. In my experience police officers are “manipulative, untrustworthy, and weak”. I would be quite surprised to find that your father was the exception.

    The bottom line is this: It is wrong to take advantage of anyone’s trust, “adult” or “child”. It is better to love than to lust. I am a Buddhist but I once heard one of my Christian friends quote from the Bible, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” This is some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. Well, it’s time for me to sleep. Perhap’s I’ll post again soon. Until then, may you all find peace within yourselves.

  24. Hello. I am another pedophile. All posts are very very interesting. Especially rts, another pedos, as, mackays, and shantys advice on rts is excellent. I don’t live in the states, I live in Greece, EU. As far as I remember myself I had “abnormal” sexuality since an early age. Since I was 5-7 yo I had a lot of strange fantasies of me being a little girl. I regularly used objects (knifes, pens, pencils) around my genitals and rectum area fantasizing about being molested by brutal men. Then, at about the age of 9 I accidentally came across an adult video tape that my parents possessed. I was shocked while I watched it – it didn’t contain any child porno – all people were adults. But I was shocked because I realized that I wasn’t a girl, I was a boy and I had my first erection. From that day onwards I started masturbating with pillows and towels and I felt really strange when I was close to girls. At that time didn’t tell my parents or anyone about my feelings. In general I was (and am) a very introvert person and talk very very little. However my self-esteem is non existant, I hate myself, as a child, teenager and later adult (actually I don’t think I’ve ever become an adult) and I had and have difficulty in concentrating and completing tasks. I get bored very easily and now I have health problems with my lungs and no friends (obviously no girlfriend;-)). But let me continue my autobiography: After my sexual arousal with this video tape at the age of 9 my life became a sexual fantasy. I constantly seek time to isolate myself in a locked room with women magazines and girl pictures in order to fantasize. I had very big difficulty in studying at school and in socializing with other classmates. I always had very few friends. Between my pubescence years (12-18) there were a few girls I liked but never told them or expressed any feelings. I constantly avoided eye contact with girls I liked. Back at home I used to telephone them and tried to talk to them with fake voice while I was masturbating. Many times I had 2-3 girls in my mind and fantasizing about having sex with all of them. I couldn’t focus on one. When my brother grue up and went to school my mother used to make parties for him and little girls (7,8,9 yo ) used to come to our house. Well I had a hard time (I was in my 18-20s at thattime) with myself. I always tried to avoid looking at their skirts and their socks and between their legs but I couldn;t help it. There were times that a certain girl stayed for longer because her parents were late and she used to come to me and sit on my laps and sing and lough and I my heart rate was going like 120-150 bpm.
    When I left home I went to the U.K. to study at the University and I had really bad time there. I was really lonely cause my English was bad and I was deep into pornography. I had also started visiting prostitutes cause I thought that by having sex with a woman I would stop wanking and pornography but it became even worse. Anyway the 5 years in the U.K. didn’t help me. Or to put it better: I didn’t help myself and my mind with my mental sickness. I met a guy who tried to help me with religion (He was a Jehovah’s witness) and for a brief period of time it helped. But the spiritual paradise didn’t last long. My parents discovered I was associating with this religious group and they became mad. I stopped reading the bible and attending their meetings and I went back to even worse kind of pornography and prostitute visits. I started taking antidepressants, a very strong one “venlafaxine” and stopped them abruptly and started them again, and stopped them abruptly and I did this 6-7 times and I f****d up my brain and now I am in the edge of suicide and I get irritated very easily and I forget very easily. and I hate myself even more and I can hardly get stimulated sexually unless is really hardcore CP and I go to schools watching children and pre-pubescent girls like a lion watching its prey. I am 32 yo and one step from becoming a child molester. I need help. Thank you for reading. I have no friends. Sorry for my bad english.

  25. About the post above: my friend, seek a psychiatrist and try to take some medication to resolve the anti-social problem you have, because that´s what your autobio says.I have had the same feeling about life, but I am not an abuser. However, in my past I sometimes felt the need to be with preteen girls for their beauty and due to being abused by a relative I took that as a mental example of living (I only started to understand this from a shrink when I was 25 yo – I am 36 now). If you go to a mind doctor he/she may be able to figure out what makes you feel that way, and don´t be sad about this. This problem affects many people. Your biggest issue is this urge (though on the verge) of being a molester. That will put your life and freedom in danger.Get help from a pro.
    Go to church or do some praying for that helps me, too.
    God bless you and stay with you.

  26. Say What?

    I often wondered what was wrong, then I realized whoever was
    attacking me often had no clue even who I was,
    they were being sent to me by a little voice. Someone was doing things
    online and then pointing at me. Mostly hate crimes against a diverse group
    of people. Someone with the power to edit all the records of who did what
    and when. Editing text only posts and adding words, insulting people.
    Saying that this is their job.
    Someone backed by even more powerful people. Then I realized
    that they were doing this without the knowledge of their masters.
    They have been doing all kinds of things and snitching on scapegoats.
    Better start a bigger fire, say I – or this won’t stop.


    Sorry, I’m not being obtuse, but I don’t have an account,
    or a computer online – so I can’t read the group,
    only write. It will be that way until I can recover from the
    shit I have been put through. If you are writing for the group,
    go ahead, but specifics to me won’t reach. Appy polly logistics.

    If you’re really hot and bothered, try that rope you learned how to
    tie for your ugly murderous show. It’ll ease your pain,
    but be sure and tie it to something tough, you’re no spring chicken.

    I realized today that most pedophiles are torn up with guilt.
    This was a revelation to me really. I have no guilt. Why?
    I havent DONE anything. I am called a PREDATOR for pictures.
    Little spots of light on a screen that mean nothing to an aboriginal.

    If I was a necrophile I wouldn’t feel guilty.
    I would just carry more handi-wipes and maybe some handwarmers.
    I feel guilty about violence. Does this mean people who feel guilty
    about sex are more comfortable with violence?
    “This spanking will hurt me more than it hurts you” sort of stuff?

    The toilet tissue tyrants throwing their toddler toilet training trauma
    around have done this to the anal impulse as well. Half the word is anal,
    because they are growing up – and they are forced into shame.

    Guilt is your lease on your prison.
    This goes beyond looking at pictures. Anyone who thinks someone should be punished for looking at pictures, should be locked away til they are rid of that notion. What happens when my remote encephalograph starts yanking their fantasies out of their heads? Making pictures is surely worse than looking.
    Maybe this will happen. It is proven statistically that photgraphs of children, even of children being raped – do little more than reduce the chances of other children being abducted or forced. The ones trying
    to make all the pictures go away are really fighting a battle in their own heads, and there may even be a case saying that subconsciously they want
    the kids raped – because it affirms their personal reality.

    Here’s an explanatory analogy:

    Lets say you had a free ranging type of farm business.
    Your lambs wander the countryside night and day.
    Every once in a while a wolf tears a lamb up and if you’re lucky,
    there’s a bloody spot to tell by. Now these are strange wolves,
    because if they see a photograph of a lamb, they go home and curl up with it.
    They don’t kill a lamb that day, and maybe not for a while.
    You get wise to this. You buy a polaroid and a xerox machine.
    (this is a low tech analogy bear with me)
    You fill up the green hills with little lambs. In every position,
    eating Iveys even. Soon the wolves are just waiting for
    the pictures. You sit back and say “now my sheep may graze safely”
    One day a man comes to confiscate your polaroid and fine you.
    Can you actually say he wants the lambs safe?


    Not feeling guilt is not about never having done anything.
    I hadn’t done anything when I described some of my theories when I was
    a teenager. This turned me into a negative social connector
    for a lot of freaks, who just don’t seem to have much personality
    or ideation in my absence. Not feeling guilt is about
    thinking, about introspection and about knowing that angry confused
    people wont ever back me down. I will burn this world to the ground
    before I buy into their lying denial based bullshit.
    The guys who attacked me had high enough access to news servers
    that they changed the timecodes on the posts to make it look like
    I provoked the attack instead of responded to it. I don’t think they
    could access the server I posted to though, so it will be fun
    watching them hang. This also means they have masters whom they
    have been fooling.

    I know that there is a reason my DNA and the circumstances
    of my life have me this way. We as a species have a long period from infancy to adulthood. Men are needed as much as women, from our genetic perspective,
    in case a sabertooth comes along, or a herd of rampaging buffalo.
    It is the greed of modern society that began demanding that
    every man go out and hunt or gather nuts and berries. Some
    are supposed to cuddle the waddlers and some to preen the preteens,
    and some to run with the lanky ones. Today they all play against each other
    and they all lie, so we have no idea what percentages. I do think
    that with the rise of modern society, the changes in behavioural
    and dietary patterns, even the number of women in the workplace,
    that the number of men comfortable with pedophile behaviour
    is going up genetically, just like the age of menstruation is going down,
    because nature thinks that guys don’t like kids anymore so the tits
    and blood better come out earlier.

    This thing called pedophilia means we pay close attention to the kids,
    with them bathing, learning, eating – sensitive to health changes and all sorts of other needs. Sexuality is only a part of all this, but
    it is and always has been nature’s prime motivator.

    An example of introspective thinking:

    Why is my attraction so non specific? Why do I find pudgy girls adorable,
    skinny girls delectable, nerdy girls irresistible, princesses devourable?
    I think that those who are supposed to work with this stage of ontogeny
    are designed to positively stroke esteem in nascent personality development.
    I think the damage of this is one of the primary blows to the growing mind.
    This makes them weaker, vulnerable, manipulable, susceptible to society
    molded peer pressure, lack individualism, and preserves ‘innocence’

    I was designed for the last pre-logical thrust, to build and develop
    nascent attractions, whatever they may be. ie very fascinated and neutral.
    I was designed to balance polarities and prevent too much onesidedness.
    I was designed for the exact transition from tender affection to something
    realistic and to be expected in the jungles of life.

    Instead what I have received is decades of hatred, fear, and anger.
    These sad little creatures rage against me because I refuse to capitulate
    to their social superstitions in search of both my personal
    and the whole truth. If everyone else is wrong, and it does seem that it’s everyone, then I wait patiently for the hand of evolution to come along
    and slice off their tails. Or their heads. Not much else I can do.


    The sexually schizophrenic Jekyll side believes all the social bullshit
    about innocence because they were imprinted with it. What you tell a kid
    before nine is gospel. You don’t need to explain why.
    “Niggers is thieves, I just know it” “Sex is bad I just know it”
    Defeating this isn’t possible unless the person is smart enough
    to do a little comparative analysis and introspection.
    Speaking of which, statistically, you will find that minority communities in the USA have less sexual schizophrenia. This is a sign of mental health.
    They are instead persecuted for immorality. This is the formula all over the
    world. If they don’t hide and lie about stuff, attack them with all you’ve

    As I have said, I can track the birth of the virus called ‘innocence’
    to neo-industrial London. Girls oestrus/mensturation had plunged again from
    a recorded nineteen or so to thirteen or so and a lot of them were the
    bread and butter of industrialists assembly lines.

    There are no odes or hymns to innocence that were not retranslated
    during this period, with the word added in the place of youth.

    I have defied thinkers and psychologists for decades to come up with a
    a realistic definition of the word that is not synonymous with simple ignorance. No pompous preambles or explanations – just Webster or Oxford.

    As I have said, if you look at the loudest cries for innocence
    and it’s preservation, you see Dr. Jekyll attacking his own Hyde.
    People who like whips and burns that want a more piercing scream
    in their eighteens.


    Say to yourself, “I am not a pedophile, I am ALSO a pedophile”
    Pedophilia is not sexual, it is ALSO sexual.
    Start letting it be complex. It is. Look at it closely.
    Guilt is like a blindfold. You can feel yourself with it on,
    but you sure can’t compare with other people. This is why we feel so alone.
    Each one thinking “it’s just me” when there are millions and millions
    of people out there many who are a lot nicer than you, and many who are
    a lot worse.

    Those trying to coin and push the term pedosexuality are not broadening,
    but narrowing things.

    Where this is a social revolution is really in the realm of homosexuality.
    For example, homosexual attraction is not sexual, it is ALSO sexual,
    then you realize – wow – it is possible to admire someone, even physically
    without the slightest intention to do anything about it.
    Women will understand this better than men.

    Guilt – It is easy to make an innocent man seem like a psychopath
    because he doesn’t bother to hide anything.
    pride is thrown around a lot about sex, but it shouldn’t be a crutch.
    Pride in the presence of inner guilt is a mere mask.


    Every pedophile going through society’s ritual persecution for the guilty sins of others will find one person a little more involved than others.
    One person who has a kind of fatal attraction component.
    More often than not, this person is a rampant pedo themselves,
    stuck in Jekyll mode, maybe cause they need something really ugly
    to get off. Blood and guts, whatever. This person is obviously driven
    to try to destroy without what they feel within. Stanley Milgram’s
    theory of social connectors, in reverse – the people are drawn
    to the targets, and heap abuse and worse upon them and their lives.
    Like social connectors provide employment, these people are drawn
    to the pedophile using him as a negative social connector,
    even forming groups against him.

    Anti pedophiles are amusing because they often exhibit all the same behaviours: collect the same media (evidence, records), move in the same circles (infiltration), use the internet to find victims (research)
    and try to gain access to children (education about predators) they stalk people night and day – often worse than sexual predators (surveillance) it is not uncommon for them to rape their targets,
    or arrange for this. They swear that they aren’t gay, but they need to make the predator feel like his victim. Means that there are a few types,
    and one is a gay stalker in denial of his pedo side and his homo side.
    Nice guy, probably lived next to Kevin Spacey once or twice.

    All very kinky stuff to me.

    What is not a glaring absence, but not mentioned in Milgrams theory is the adjuncts to ‘Social Connectors’ – these are the many persecutors coming to throw accusations and fantasies – who aren’t the primary persecutors. These are the invisible lines of collusion. If they exist in the negative, they must exist in the positive. It just may be easier to see the lines of force
    if they are moving towards the object rather than away.


    I hope a little spirit of self-confession will raise the ante.
    I want you guys to talk about what you like, what you need.
    Even if it’s alice in chains. It’s a little more important
    than a show of hands. It’s going to be historical, cause
    this is where it all began. A little honesty please.
    It’s going to start slowly, but I think it will be a flood of another type.

    Is this why pedophiles aren’t even allowed to have text only websites?
    Is someone afraid that there really are millions and millions,
    and that the only way to stop them is to make them feel alone?

    THE BIBLE CODE: Dealing With Good Book Anxieties

    How much of our sexual schizophrenia is forced upon us by our
    religious impulses? First things first, I will say it is nice and sophisticated to be an atheist, and honest enough to say you’re agnostic,
    but frankly the mystery of creation hasn’t been handled by the cult of science. It’s just too complicated and interdependent and miraculous
    to not have had an intelligent designer. We have a creator, and even if you
    believe in the ninth configuration hypothesis, the little bang of
    evolution, to deny that there must be a sum of the energies of all intelligent life. The exponential light of the combination
    of the components of that sum must be quite a critical mass of intelligent
    life energy. Call him what you like, I have no problems with it.

    I think the Bible has a lot of stuff thrown in for
    social management. but if you have half a brain, you realize that
    times, cultures and societies change.
    The words of Christ are really the only non-negotiable part,
    although Calpurnius Rosso might disagree with me.

    Christ’s words really ring true to all men in all cultures, and it’s
    often either the explanations of him, or the social management,
    marry this way, pay so much here and there etc.

    People invariably choose one apostle or another for their
    interpretations of the word, and what’s wrong with this?
    They were the dude’s friends.

    Do you really think that the great creator of all being wants you to stone an adulteress to death? That he cares about how many shekels you have
    to pay if you rape someone? I think a few canny guys said to each other,
    since we are retranslating this Aramaic again and again,
    “lets put some riders in about faggots and thieves” so we can clean up Jerusalem. People have been doing it ever since. How about
    “do not suffer a witch to live” – there wasn’t any word for witch
    when the book was written, so that was picked up along the way,
    and happened to kill a few hundred thousand unmarried women.
    Now I’m sure some of them were evil, and some actually even ate babies,
    I know that type myself, but ALL of them? C’mon.

    So when you slip your trip into the good book, you get to use it to
    fuck with whomever you don’t like. Since the invention of the Gutenberg press, this has become VERY difficult, but not impossible
    if you use contentions from peshitta or other ancient translates.
    There is a type that marches where you point and shoots whom you say,
    provided you cite a reference to the good book. We really need to
    rein those guys in. They seem to have missed the point of the words in red.

    Imagine if the United States retranslated the bible and added the constitution and it’s amendments to the text. We could make these psychos
    a little more useful, defending real liberty and the pursuit of happiness,
    and not attacking it.

    You get the idea. I think the sanest thing any religious community could do,
    is to retranslate the old testament in the spirit of the new.
    Give it some compassion and love and less “emerods and plague”
    If the Satanists only reverse the New Testament, let good Christians
    then reverse the Old. “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to die,
    but merely show them God’s compassion.” Good Christians are easy to spot,
    they don’t attack people. The rest are probably Satanist infiltrators
    who are denied the ability to love or even to turn the other cheek by their
    dark twisted souls.

    So if you are torn with good book guilt because you like this or that, shoot a pickle, read the words in red out loud, and that may just heal you.


    Pedophiles are used by everyone nowadays. Every BDSM freak, coprophage,
    bestiality freak, even boy-lovers feel perfectly alright about
    saying to themselves “I might like to suck turds from a puppy I just tortured to death, but at least I’m not a pedophile.” Society cheers them on.
    Why? Because everybody has a little guilty secret and needs a “worse than”
    for Dr. Jekyll to feel upstanding. It’s the ugliest thing.
    We don’t know about this because it’s left out of the history books
    and not talked about. It used to be the gay man. Now the gay man is
    also a pedo hunter, just to ‘fit in’ (it’s only been thirty years y’know)
    The faggots are also big on attacking pedos. (faggot = repressed or unconscious homosexual whose personal problems are big enough to affect others.)

    Persecution was the gay man’s life for several hundred years
    and as the birth of post industrial urban culture made it harder to
    hide behaviours and admirations, they were a secretive hunted, suicidal
    slice of men – knowing they were one way, and that society issued a license
    to kill them for it.

    What is the role of the gay man in our genes? I firmly believe that gay is genetic, and that there is a reason beyond harmony and esthetics
    behind this.

    Our DNA knows the way that women collude and conspire, and it may be
    sexist to talk about the secret governments of gossip and the
    invisible justice of villages, but they exist. A number of warriors
    and leaders immune to this factor would function as a check and balance
    to keep male and female power balanced.

    Also, there is a need for nurturers and caregivers for men
    apart from this influence.

    Also given the bisexuality of behaviour, as apart from preference,
    it takes a few animals to make a party – yeh?
    Many experiments have shown there are more exclusively gay animal
    populations when food is scarce. First, this reduces infant death, and comparatively, to provide for their own units, women are natural hoarders, for example, and less available mates would reduce this impact on the species in the overcrowded environment.

    The female brained men who prefer boys and insist they’re not gay,
    are a different slice of the pie. Female brained gay men also like boys,
    that’s about 66% Male brained gay men like only the strapping ones.

    What I need to have happen is for gay men, anonymously,
    to come out of the closet again. About boys. Little ones
    or svelte rippling teenagers. Write dammit. Be part of history in the making.


    We have to understand that the USA and Canada are over 80 % Christian. This
    affects everything. Seperation of church and state are an illusion.
    All the ‘vice’ laws are moral laws and the book you swear on in court is
    not Robot’s Rules of Order.

    I will step down from my soapbox here and try to explain a few things
    to middle america about what is happening to their world.
    They have been championing ignorance and denial so long,
    that every one of their committees, societies, agencies, and even churches,
    has been infiltrated over the last thirty years.
    They lacked compassion and understanding towards homosexuals, pedophiles,
    interracial couples, you name it. In their uneducated conservatism
    and open hatred, they opened themselves to darkness. Anyone
    swearing in with “Praise the Lord” was allowed in, and in they dug.
    You guys don’t even know how dinner you are.

    Programming the kids is how it was done. That and using the powers
    that kids can give you. If you know the principle however, as Loyola spoke of it or otherwise, you can make your kids believe your private world.
    This is probably the ‘ritual abuse’ that emerges in the news.
    People making sure that public schools don’t turn them off to blowjobs,
    beards, butt-sex and baphomet. (The word baphomet itself is probably
    someone disrespecting Islam in the early days of london occult
    society, it was misheard as baphomet and stuck) Baphomet
    is known for prolonged kissing of the anus.

    The satanists infiltrate every religion, every government
    They are really more like organized crime, not a religion
    as much as a method of exploiting christianity.
    They are the biggest headache for the Wiccans and nature worshippers,
    who are not sex negative, usually, but are not about this
    dungeon trip of torturing and vampirism and cannibalism et al.
    The problem is that they have used the same symbols as the pagans,
    and the pagans have been attacked as satanists so long,
    they are starting to join them – in our generation.
    Maybe sexual bribery has something to do with this too?

    Some people think that naturists are Satanists because of their
    clothing optional attitudes. In fact they are actually some of the nicest
    people around – trying to ‘return to the garden’ with a mentality
    that isn’t materialistic and prudish. You cannot tell socioeconomic differences as well without clothes, for example.

    You have to realize that it may well be Satanists telling people to attack groups for satanism. They thrive on discord. They will cry Satanist twice as loud and point at someone else. I bet that those accusing this newsgroup
    of Satanism because there are kids here – have a secret handshake
    and a buttlicking circle.

    Satanists usually bed-train their kids in the ages of four or five. This is the ‘sexual amnesia’ period. Kids just don’t remember what happens in this age range. I am not sex negative so I can’t tell someone how to raise their kids. Frankly from the people I’ve met who say they had a lot of sex as children, it seems more this the poor me parade society forces on them has damaged them.

    But there has to a line after all. The really evil bastards use this imprint period to train them to hate and kill. I don’t buy into any of this cult
    stuff because what it is is smart people using a knowledge of human
    nature as a weakness to exploit to further their needs for power.
    They will attack you just because you say no. Or even know.

    They are the most aggressive defenders of child sex laws.
    It is a secret privilege only for those sworn to satan.
    This is coming out now all over the world. The guys who attack the most
    and make the loudest noise are the ones who vacation all over the world,
    and wear funny goat shaped helmets.

    For example, in a healthy community there would be unhindered
    access to a gentle educator about all issues, when Jesus says
    “suffer the little children to come unto me,” it probably doesn’t mean an orgy but in their curiosity and need for guidance. When he adds “and forbid them not.” He probably means that it is your censorship and imposed ignorance
    that is twisting their roots anyway. So the world has lost the spirit
    of agape in religion, and the evil ones have come around to fill the gap.
    Just desserts for your greedy ignorant lives, say I.

    The satanists twist the words of Christ around. They reverse everything.
    “I shall suffer thee to come unto the little children and forbid thee not,
    for such is the kingdom of hell.” Yak yak yak.

    Little kids are their offering, their treasure, their bribes, their feast. Because the rest of the world has it’s head up it’s butt on the issue, not realizing that pedophilia is not a sexual attraction. It is a feature
    of everyone’s sexuality. It is a powerful drive that is twisted against you.

    The problem we are having in denying pedophilia in everyone is that
    none of us are Jekyll only. A lot of people are becoming Satanists,
    just to be themselves, just to be with kids, and once the hooks are in, they can’t come back. And which of them wants to, they play pig-pile
    with dozens of squealing bodies, if they’re nice. If they’re mean,
    they can still do whatever they like.

    You can safely say that Satanist is synonymous with pedophile.
    But if my brain gender ratios are somewhat correct, then
    more than half of all people are pedophile. The Satanists
    are just the ones having a lot of sex with enthusiastic kids,
    and reaping all the benefits of this.

    There are a lot of people on the internet who are calling themselves Satanists. I bet you can safely say that kids were the pathway
    for all of them. Until there is an alternative, the fastest growing
    religion in the world will actually be the one that lies about everything
    except human nature.

    So if the good Christians wake up and start learning what AGAPE means,
    and practicing it – they will have equal powers. Then it is a battle
    which the bad guys will lose, they are still only one in five.
    My suggestion? Keep the kids. Love and cherish them.
    Respect their boundaries. Let them come unto you, don’t force it.
    And throw away your Baphomet crap, burn it.
    The light is for everybody after all.

    1. a victim of sickness a pedophile

      Of all the one whom I have ran, disagreeing with them knowing how sick they are. You are the worse, so evil it is unspeakable, Satan sure, I believe you have met him. You are sure trying to use rationality to prove to yourself that everyone has always don’t this, an only the repression of some normal is what this is. No, it not normal and yes, I know God’s word. He sure explain what love really is, and it not unconditional make no mistake, he would that you take a stone tie it around your neck and jump it the river and drown yourself than hurt these little ones. Yes, you would hurt a child and think you are normal, what is raping, having sex with a child, is fine it all good, for you, but the child never was good or fine. What it always does to a child is pain, mental pain, which turns in to physical pain. Now you would not care about this, because you want to have sex with your sexual object, it not love, it is lust for a child.

      You want to know how I know, I one of those children, who was lusted after, you can try and say it does not hurt a child, you do not care, you just make up big words and tell yourself it just the DNA well it not DNA it you only you who has your problem, so have the others their problem, no one is born either having pedophilia or Homosexual they are made. How they are made is usually because of something happening to them, or something they were taught, you can add filthy parent who would put this to their child as normal. History does not say it was ever normal, it said it happened, not the victim of the sexual use of them, no, it was the abuse of them.

      You are intellectually dishonest to yourself to make yourself believe this loathsome action. Sick in the mind is what it is, it is dangerous to innocent children, male and female children. They place for you and others who will not seek help, is somewhere away from the temptation of innocent children, maybe a Island with nothing there so you have to work to take care of yourself. No time to look or think about hurting children.

      This has always through history been a thing not to do, there are people who do not go by that taboo, no they corrupt the natural and destroy the innocent who can not lead a normal life. There have always been the lowest people in civilizations which forced this on children usually people with power, just as a adult has power over a child, the people with power forced others to let them have their children or just one, so the others could live. Do not look to The Lord God to say what you are doing is natural, he would put you to death for acting on it, he has flooded the world to get rid of these before, all kinds of sexual perversions not just your type. They had gotten so bad he could only save who would listen to his voice and right now you would have stayed while the flood over took you.

  27. To the previous poster, your post was WAY too long. Also, your views on Satanism are COMPLETELY misguided and you should study more accurate sources.

    Other than that, you made a few interesting points and I especially agree with the idea that people with sexual fantasies and sexual natures that are not “socially accepted” tend to use pedophilia as a scapegoat for themselves.

    I would take apart and analyze a lot of what you’ve said, but to be honest, it was confusing and I ended up skimming a good deal of it, so I’ll spare you. Just please try and make your points more concise. I don’t mind if you post something long, but get to the point faster (and after you’ve made the point, move on to something else).

    Thank you.

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  29. I was sexually abused when I was younger and I can tell you that no child is attracted to an older man and any attractions you think they DO have are simply admiration or respect for you as an older adult in their lives. Little girls do not fantasize about sex with older men and if they do, it’s because they were previously abused.

    I knew what sex was before I was abused but that does not mean I consented to the abuse. It was done to me by someone I trusted and I was led to believe that was a normal part of our relationship. You cannot believe how this has permanently destroyed my psyche. I can never get my innocence back.

    All I hear from these pedophiles is DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAL. Pedophiles and child molesters are not different, since pedophiles are one step away from becoming child molesters. Constant fantasizing about children and having others tell you that it’s okay to be sexually attracted to children just makes it that much easier for you to take the next step and abuse the next child you come into contact with, since you have spent time feeding the fire and believing it’s okay to be the way you are. It’s not!

    You need help– if you pedophiles claim to love children as much as you do, then you would stop feeding your sexual attraction to them, as that will clearly lead to abuse. And if you are looking at child porn, that is just as harmful to the little girls that were probably sold into prostitution and forced to pose for that website you are on.

    I have since forgiven my abuser although I will never forget what he has done to me. I have even convinced myself that there is hope for pedophiles and that they shouldn’t be castrated, thrown into prisons, executed, or confined to solitary corners of the world away from humanity. However, with the comments I have been reading, my hope is in danger of being destroyed.

    To all the pedophiles– please don’t destroy the little hope I have for you because there aren’t many people like me out there, or people who believe that pedophiles are human and not animals that should be promptly destroyed for their sins.

    If you destroy the hopes of people like me, then I can guarantee you that you will all end up executed or castrated, as the world is becoming more and more hostile towards pedophiles every day. Let me believe that you will try to change– for the sake of all the children out there who still have their innocence left.

    1. truly little girls may not understand. but girls just hitting puberty, in that first step out of innocence, may want a caring man to help them understand.

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  32. I am in complete shock!! Although I’m do agree that paedophiles and child molesting is two totally different things, and although i understand paedophillia is a mental illness that cannot be helped I do not understand how you can try and justify a sexual attraction to a child by saying ‘i would never do anything to act on my urges so that’s ok’ it makes no sense to me? A child is a child and regardless of whether you would take your urges further or not does not make those feelings right. I think the illness paedophiles have should be accepted as an illness, not a choice, but peodophillia should not. Being attracted to children is sick and wrong. Period!

  33. people who accuse others of be a paedophile should be line up and shot along with there children this include corrupt cops who are altering files to stitch innocent man up on these vile cases neighbours are using children to settle disputes and warranting home invasions to cover up there own illegal activity,

    so i do not care any more if a person tells me their child was molested i just say i do not get a stuff so what piss off i do not want to know cause its bull shit 99% percent of the time and its all about revenge and money even divorces are ending the say way with court counselors and laws telling women to yell it or by downloading materials to their ex’s phones then tipping off police who do not investigate these matters properly after the bungle of 5000 british citizens being falsely accuse and convicted i now am convince all these paedophile claims are hoax’s.

  34. Professor Tromovitch and the psychologist Bruce Rind (of Temple University) in 1998 published an article based on a peer-reviewed meta-analysis of 59 studies which used the self-reported experiences of child sexual contact with adults by 35,703 college students. A substantial majority of the people in this study did not report any harmful effects of (non-coercive) sexual experiences (as opposed to victims of coercion), and a substantial minority even stated these intergenerational sexual contacts and relationships had a positive effect on their life. This article was published in the Psychological Bulletin, the prestigious, official journal of the American Psychological Association (APA).

    Predictably, this caused a storm in the mass media and in the political elite. Apparently for the first time in US history, both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate condemned this scientific paper and threatened to withdraw funding from the APA, so the APA apologised for publishing it. 12 past and present presidents of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex sharply protested against the APA’s response to the public and political pressure surrounding the study, stating that it “cast a chill on all such research”. The American Association for the Advancement of Science refused APA’s request to review the study, stating they saw “no reason to second-guess the process of peer review used by the APA journal in its decision to publish” and that they “saw no clear evidence of improper application of methodology or other questionable practices on the part of the article’s authors”.

    More recently, the Harvard lecturer Susan Clancy came to the similar conclusions in her book “The Trauma Myth”. In the 1970s and 1980s, Donald West, Professor of Criminology from the University of Cambridge, advocated the abolition of the age of consent in scholarly books. See also Professor Richard Green’s article (he is a psychiatrist from Cambridge University and UCL) “Is Paedophilia a Mental Disorder”.

    In the words of Karin Freimond (“Navigating the Stigma of Pedophilia:
    The Experiences of
    Nine Minor-Attracted Men in Canada”, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Simon Frasier University, 2013): “Many adults who are attracted to minors experience intense suffering as a result of contemporary attitudes about them and current methods of relating to them. Even when no crimes have taken place and no sexual interaction with people below the age of consent has occurred, people who are sexually interested in children and adolescents encounter incredible stigma. They experience fear about the possibility of their desires becoming known to others, and they cope with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. These individuals are often completely alone in dealing with their feelings, as they may be too worried about the negative consequences that could arise from talking to loved ones. Further, they may feel restricted in seeking help from therapists, as mandatory reporting laws in many jurisdictions require counsellors to report their clients to the police if they express sexual interest in children. If the nature of their sexuality is revealed, these people are at risk of experiencing physical violence, losing relationships with their friends and families, being fired from their jobs, and encountering financial destitution. The situation facing this population is troubling, and researchers argue that a new, more compassionate approach is needed in order to help people who are attracted to children lead more positive lives (see Cantor, 2012; Goode, 2010).”

    Much more pleasurable to dehumanize all the pedos regardless of their behaviour, to cage them or drive them to suicide. As Felix Guattari wrote (“A Shock to Thought: Expression After Deleuze and Guattari”), there is a certain “Jewishness” about pedophiles which provokes a “racist” reaction.

  35. how can you be progressive and still prejudge. you know one tiny thing about my life. no i wasnt molested as a child. sorry i dont fit into the stereotype. being a pedo isnt a sickness. it is apart of who i am. there are so many different sexual fetishes out there. bondage, M&S, necrophilia, incest. being a pedo is just another one. a person cant help what they like and who they want. the only thing we can help is our action. we have enough self control and enough sense to not to harm children. the idea disgusts us. there is a lot of things i disagree with but as long as no one is being hurt then i dont see the problem. a pedo being near your child isnt going to hurt them. im attracted to children and i dont see one thing wrong with. just because i make you feel uncomfortable or i go against your moral values doesnt mean im doing anything illegal.

  36. I am seeing big problems on both sides of the argument, though the irony is that the pedos make a better argument than the anti-pedos. The pedos are at least attempting to use logic and have an intelligent discussion, only to be met with self-righteous blather from the other.

    First, I want to highlight the most glaring issue with the pedo side of the argument. Most of you guys are outright confessing to looking at or watching child porn. No matter how you try to argue, that porn is child abuse. When you watch it, you are encouraging that industry. You cannot argue that you are harmless while you are still indulging in that.

    Next, I have to point out that child molesters are pedophiles, by scientific definition. No matter how much you hate that, it’s scientific fact. Pedophilia is sexual attraction to prepubescent children, not love of children. The logical argument to use here is that the vast majority of pedophiles do not molest children, and you can back that with scientific evidence. It’s no different than other labels in this regard. A man who rapes women is still heterosexual; a man who rapes men is still homosexual. They are rapists, but the vast majority of heterosexuals and homosexuals are not rapists. And that is the issue here isn’t it. Pedophiles are thought of as rapists because that’s the only thing the media covers, and frankly people believe everything the media tells them these days, from election hacking to chemical attacks, and not a shred of real evidence needs to be presented to make them believe it.

    So those two glaring issues out of the way, let’s push back at those self-righteous anti-pedos. You guys are literally just arguing “it’s wrong!” or “I have a kid!”and you try to justify it just by spouting societal norms rather than making a rational argument. I haven’t seen one argument on this side without glaring fallacies even though there are huge flaws you could go after in the pedo arguments, like I showed above. You people will never help solve this problem.

    Now, on to what I perceive to be the real problem overall: modern society and its current laws, especially the US. US law has basically set an arbitrary worldwide standard for this thing and that thing to all be forbidden unless 18 or above (except for their crazy alcohol laws). Porn and sex are no exception, though given it is legal to have sex with 16 or 17 year olds in some states, yet possessing nude photos of them is still illegal, this exposes the greatest hypocrisy of those laws.

    The fact of the matter is, healthy heterosexual men are going to be attracted to women below the age of 18 no matter how society tries to force them to think. A teenage girl well below age 18 can have a shapely body and large breasts and fool anyone about her age, while women well into their 20s can be thin with very small breasts looking like someone well below age 18. Westerners’ preconceived notioned of what girls and women should look like at what age is not only foolish, it’s downright sexist.

    That’s only one part of this issue, of course, but it’s a big one. Because people are going to jail for it. People who aren’t even pedophiles are being labelled as such and being put in jail and called child molesters for having consensual sex with some busty teenager. It’s the very height of foolishness, especially considering that science would define them as hebephiles or ephebophiles rather than as pedophiles.

    People need to recognize that for all of human existence, except for part of the last hundred years, humans were having sex with humans without regard to age, because humans are attracted to other humans regardless of age. We are attracted to certain features. It just happens that the majority of men are attracted to feminine curves (which again, usually are already highly or fully developed in the teens).

    If we can recognize the scientific facts of these matters, and start to recognize the laws are incorrect and reform them, then we can start solving these problems.

    Unfortunately, this will never happen as most people are media brainwashed and will just argue “noez 18 18 below iz wrong!”

    As for you true pedos, I realize everything I just said might not help that much, but I do believe it is a necessary first step to opening the minds of people and getting them to understand the issue. I think with pedos specifically, people need to read scientific literature about them. They need to realize even a person who has not been abused and lived a perfectly normal life can grow up to be a pedophile. I read an absolutely tragic account of a boy who as he grew older thought he must be homosexual and hid it trying to force himself to be heterosexual (given societal norms at the time), and as he grew older he realized he was still attracted to boys of that younger age. He knew he was a pedophile, and he thought he was a monster because of what society told him. He never once touched or abused a child, yet he still thought he should kill himself. I don’t remember if he ultimately killed himself or not, but this was in a professional scientific text studying pedophilia.

    The fact is that if there are people growing up like that, going through that torture and thinking they should kill themselves, even though they themselves have done nothing wrong, then there is a problem with the society around them, not the people themselves.

    Open your damn minds. I’m not saying sexual relationships between adults and children should be condoned. But pedophiles need to be understood rather than instantly labeled as monsters. Doing that just exacerbates the problem. It drives more them to the fringe.

    In the meantime, to you pedos, I reiterate, stop watching child porn. You are contributing to children being harmed via website traffic and ad revenue. You give those websites a reason to exist which means they will continue exploiting children. So if you truly want to do no harm, stop it.

    There are alternatives. Mainly Japanese lolicon manga and anime, which even people who aren’t real life pedos can enjoy. There’s also shotacon, if you’re into that. Or 3D, though that really creeps me out. But it doesn’t matter what creeps me out. The point is none of that material is exploiting real children. It gives you an outlet and you harm literally no one (it could be argued you are harming yourself, which is an argument against pornography in general, but what else can you do these days).

    Scientific studies in Japan have shown that in the years after lolicon manga started being published, child molestation dropped significantly. Studies there also show the vast majority of lolicons never molest children (though many or most aren’t attracted to real children anyways). It’s amazing what you can find out if you do a little research and don’t restroct yourself to ‘Murica.

    Anyways, I hope what I have said will make some people on both sides to think, though I expect most of you won’t change your mind about a damn thing. Oh well. But even if I reach one person and help them to think more rationally about this, or help them in some significant way, then it was worth writing this.

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  38. So now we’re putting Christians and Muslims aside even if they had been the ones raping children and women, burning houses and starting wars.

  39. Dr Brian Talarico, North Bay Has been convicted of child molestation, and possession of child pornography on his computer. Sexually molesting a young boy. He had prior convictions for child molestation in 1990 and 2001. After his parole in 2006. Dr. Talarico Brian Works for North Bay Regional Health Centre, and elsewhere, despite his background, and numerous complaints against him of abuse, fraud, negligence, and imprisonment.

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