Girl Being Watched By a Guy

There are how-to guides just about everywhere on the Internet. One of my favorite sites that I read daily is called wikiHow. Absent from this “how-to” site is how to be a pedophile or help with being one. Is there something wrong with learning about how to be a pedophile — someone who is attracted to young children?

While I will try to refrain from judging rather harshly, I would have to say there is something seriously wrong with a site that is geared towards pedophiles and helps pedophiles “engage in their hobby” of stalking (err, watching) young girls. One such website I learned about is called (no longer up, but a cache is provided). This website was geared towards helping pedophiles find safe ways to stalk little girls.

The former owner of Stegl — a 45 year-old Everett, Washington man named Jack McClellan — said that he didn’t see his website as a problem as long as children weren’t being hurt. In a related Foxnews article, McClellan said this when asked why he likes little girls: “I guess the main thing is I just think they’re cute, a lot cuter than women. I admit there is kind of an erotic arousal there.”

As horrible as was (thankfully it was taken down by his web host), there are still sites up that gear themselves to pedophiles. And these sites are not breaking the law. Huh?

For example, this quotation is listed in the FAQ of (not work safe) regarding “Who are These People Posting Here”:

They are a portion of the male and female population ranging in age from their teens to quite old who share a bond of having a particular affinity for teen and/or pre-teen girls.

Having how-to guides for pedophiles (with some sites still live) begs the question: is there something the rest of us (who are not pedophiles) missing? The owner of compared pedophilia to other hobbies (such as liking birds). To compare someone else’s child to a bird is ludicrous. I doubt there is an organization out there solely dedicated to stalking and locating baby birds. Furthermore, birds are animals in the wild where there is hunter and prey. Are the children the prey of pedophiles? from

Perhaps there is something I’m missing here. Being a pedophile itself is not actually breaking the law. Only after a pedophile has sexually abused a child is being a pedophile a bad thing, right? Am I simply being too harsh because I don’t understand them (the pedophiles)?

I do know this, however: it seems to me that providing an environment where pedophiles can freely “observe” kids is like hanging the carrot in front of the horse. The temptation is already there for these people; it wouldn’t be that much more difficult to take the pedophilia one stop further and hurt a child.

How-to websites for pedophiles should be taken down. Kids need to be able to grow up in peace without having some older stranger looking onwards in a lustful manner. Sure, children are beautiful. However, there is a point where the beauty of children can be perverted… in the form of pedophilia.

That’s my 500 Words.

I have five screenshots of two pedophile sites on my Flickr account.

Update 08/14/2007: Jack McClellan was arrested near the University of California in Los Angeles for violating a restraining order regarding minors.