500 Words – It's Okay to Give Illegals Credit

Say you’ve illegal crossed into the United States illegally from the Mexican border. You begin to establish some kind of residency and even try finding a job. However, the country you are in is very unfriendly towards those who don’t have social security numbers. As a result, the jobs you get have to pay you under the table. If you are unhappy with the job, then tough. There is no appeal system or suggestion box. If you don’t like it, go back to Mexico.

So what’s an illegal immigrant to do considering that this country won’t consider them part of the system until the illegal has those magic nine numbers? Well if I were an illegal, I would be in the market for purchasing an identity. I would acquire my magic nine numbers and get a job. I would then try establishing some type of credit.

However, what about the poor guy whose identity has been purchased? What if the illegal defaults on a debt? The victim of identity theft is left hanging out to dry.

This country relies too much on social security numbers and as a result, identity theft is running rampant. Social security numbers are crucial in verifying the identity of someone, or establishing some kind of credit. However, social security numbers also enable parents to take out loans in their child’s name before the child is even eighteen. Social security numbers also enable illegals to purchase identities on the black market.

So what is the answer to the illegal immigration and social security number crisis? There really is no answer. As long as illegals cannot operate in this country without scrutiny, there will be the need for the falsification of identities. The simple solution would be to ship all of the illegals back home. But how realistic is that? Not very.

Unfortunately, the United States has to accommodate everybody within the country, even those that are in the country illegally. For example, our tax dollars pay for parks that are used by everyone, even illegals.

One company that is attempting to give credit without the reliance of social security numbers is Bank of America. Bank of America has been piloting a program that gives credit to those without social security numbers. Under the program, a person without social security number can get a credit card if the person has had a checking account with the bank for three months without any overdrafts. The program is currently only in Los Angeles.

I personally hope the Bank of America program catches on and allows illegal citizens to establish some kind of credit without jeopardizing legitimate citizens’ social security numbers. I don’t think this will be the answer to the rising trend of falsification of identities by illegal citizens. However, this is a good starting point by a well established bank.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not for illegal immigration. I am for building a fence. I want to stop illegal immigration.

However, being against illegal immigration and accommodating illegal immigrants is a little different. As much as I would like to ignore illegal immigrants, I find that this country simply cannot. You cannot ignore millions of people. I am against giving them voting rights. I am against giving them amnesty. However, there comes a point when either these people will be a drain on society or start to help it. Perhaps giving them credit will be a step towards helping the average citizen of the United States.

One thing that does worry me, however, is what might occur when/if the illegals start to default on their debts.

That’s my 500 Words.

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