500 Words – Amnesty and a Day Without Mexicans

Illegal immigration is a problem. Let me run that by you again. Illegal immigration is a problem.

Yet, there are some out there in the United States, Mexico, or Canada that do not think so. They think that illegal immigrants are crucial to the economy and that the United States would simply wither and die without illegal immigrants performing the work that normal Americans would not do.

There are some that seem to want to start a nationwide boycott and have a “day without the Mexicans.” Such a boycott would accomplish just as much as boycotting the oil companies for a day. In order to make a meaningful impact, the boycott would have to be long-term.

Why Amnesty Just Isn’t a Good Idea

There’s a recent bill that could give many illegal immigrants some form of amnesty. There was a time back in 1986 when roughly three million illegals were granted amnesty. Now there are over 12 million illegals and the problem will simply get worse.

So what exactly is amnesty? Amnesty — in the case of illegal immigration — is when the United States Government decides to exempt a select group of people (illegal immigrants) from criminal liability for crimes committed. So what crime did the illegals commit? Um, perhaps illegally entering into the United States and cutting in line in front of all the legitimate immigrants who actually want to attain citizenship legitimately?

In my view, granting amnesty is just providing a short-term solution to a long-term problem. We need to stop illegals from getting in to begin with, then worrying about the ones that are currently in our country.

Another issue I have with amnesty is that it doesn’t help those immigrants that are in our country legally. What about them and their path to citizenship? What makes the Mexicans (and other illegals) so special that they should be given a special accord, where the rest of the immigrants have to push and fight their way through the monumental red tape.

A Day Without Mexicans?

There have been several protests already that talk about Mexicans taking a day off and showing us Americans how much they contribute to the American economy. The whole point of this day off is to rub it in that the illegal immigrants perform jobs that Americans simply aren’t willing to do.

I am of the opinion that Americans are willing to do just about any job. However, the Americans will only work these undesirable jobs if the pay is decent enough to compensate them for their time and effort. Illegals are willing to work for cheap. American citizens simply cannot compete.

So will a day without Mexicans prove that the US economy depends on illegal labor? Perhaps. But a protest is not really convincing me that the fellow Mexican protesting the American economy should become an American citizen. If anything, I’d say good riddance and go back home.


So should we give the illegal immigrants amnesty? No. Will amnesty solve the illegal immigration problem? No. Will a day without Mexicans prove to the average American citizen that the U.S. economy relies on illegal labor? No.

We need to build a fence, beef up border security, form a national language that illegals must learn, and perhaps then, we can start the process of granting some of these illegals citizenship.

That’s my 500 Words.

14 thoughts on “500 Words – Amnesty and a Day Without Mexicans”

  1. Illegal immigration is not a problem. the way the government handles it – is a problem though.

    If you look at it – everyone in North America is illegal immigrant. For some reason this fact everyone forgets about.

    The only legals here are native Indians. I would very much like to see how would Americans react when one fine day native Indians, or how we call them in Canada, First Nations, decide that they've had enough and would kick us all back to where we originally came from?

  2. Heh, even Native Americans aren't "legal", they were just first if you go with the anthropological theory of people crossing over the land bridge between Russia and Alaska. 🙂

    Ok, on a more serious take. Here is the Webster-Merriam definition of immigrate: "to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence". Now, note that we are talking about illegal immigration. Putting those two together, we have a definition for illegal immigration: moving to a country of a nation which has laws about immigration and breaking those laws to immigrate".

    In other words, calling everyone in the United States an illegal immigrant is incorrect. For a period of time, there was no nation or law against immigration. After that, America pretty much had open arms for quite a while (yes, and some were immigrated against their will). And at some point (late 1800s?), we started restricting immigration. At that point, the possibility of illegal immigrants became a reality.

    Back on original topic…amnesty is a bad idea, plain and simple. As Ron noted, it has already been tried and failed miserably. We need to secure our borders as best as possible to slow down/stop illegal immigration first, then turn and deal with those who are here illegally.

    One thing has to happen before illegal immigration truly stops: conditions have to change so that it is better to live in Latin America (yes, not all illegal immigrants are Mexican) as a legal resident than to come to America and be an illegal one. Simple answer, hard to accomplish.


    1. Enough of the Native American argument. Are you running back to Europe yet. It’s easy to feel sorry for the Native American once the land is stolen and you are living freely upon it.

      Mexicans are a product of the Spanish raping the Natives of Central America. The funny thing is the culture they are so very proud of isn’t even their own culture. Christianity was forced upon them.

      I can’t see how a family of 10 Mexicans with one working father in the fields (which is usually the case) can support an economy?

      Mexicans are killing us lets be honest. They are frigging killing the United States. It’s not their fault they want a better life but we have to stop this or we will soon be a third world country. They do nothing but cause our society to crumble. They are a burden to the 10th degree. Americans would take those jobs the Mexicans do. The employer would just pay a higher wage. I will pay 10 dollars for a box of strawberries. Just send them home for Christ sake.

  3. Wow, you said you were opinionated so I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised to land on this post. As someone that lives in Texas this topic really hits home. I do agree with you about securing the border first before any amnesty program is granted. I don't have the answers to the problem but it is a very tough problem. One of the first arguments I hear alot is, "America was founded on immigration". True, but what country is currently run by the originating peoples?

    America does not need to close the door to all immigrants. There are proper channels for people to come into the country and become citizens.

    I feel that I am in the minority now where I live and things are being geared up to accomadate the population from Mexico. Businesses are marketing more toward the non English speaking community. The public schools are having to spend a lot of money on "English as a Second language" programs. More stores are stocking Mexican brands on the shelves. There a many good people that have slipped across the border and have become productive members of the community. But I don't feel this is a banner to wave to grant amnesty to everyone that is here right now.

    The other thing that bothers me is the amount of money that leaves this economy and is sent back to Mexico. I have heard proposals from politicians about somehow taxing that money as it goes back to Mexico but I don't see how that can be done effeciently.

    Anyway, this is just some of my observations and feelings on the subject. I hope that a workable solution is found. However, I feel we may be able to vanquish Cancer and AIDS before we can fix this problem.

    1. Aren’t you glad your tax dollars are supporting illegal immigrants and the Mexican way of life isn’t that swell?

  4. Joey,

    I too have lived in Texas, so I know of the immigration problems you speak of. I also lived in Phoenix for a while, and there are a ton of illegals there also.

    It does irk me that when I was working, I had to learn simple Spanish to communicate with the customers. On the other hand, we can't simply ignore millions of illegals either.

    I too don't think a short-term solution will be found. I'm in the "I'll believe it when I see it" crowd when it comes to legislation and funding regarding illegal immigration.

  5. Wow! You and my fiance would get along here. Though I do agree it is a problem, I disagree on a lot of points with him and a few that you have expressed here.

    "I am of the opinion that Americans are willing to do just about any job."
    We both know neither you nor I am going to go pick cotton for twelve hours no matter the pay. (Or tobacco, fruits…etc.) They do the least skilled jobs in American that a HUGE majority of us would live on the streets rather than do.

    "…form a national language that illegals must learn…"
    Just like every other country that still posts signs in English? We, as Americans, are way to haughty. Most of the world posts signs in both their national language and English. A goodly portion of the developed world speaks at least passable English. Yes, I think we should have a national language and that immigrants should have a basic understanding of it in both written and spoken form. I do NOT think it will in anyway change the immigration status of Latinos.

    So what is the solution you ask? Stop limiting how many can come arbitrarily. We need a better system for deciding who gets the magic ride that America promises. I wish I had some good idea as to how, but I can't think of one that is not too flawed IMHO. Our current immigration policies are HORRIBLE and a huge threat to national security.

    I think we need a national ID system. To hades with those crying about it infringing on their personal liberty. Not having it infringes on my personal right to safety. We need an ID that is hard to forge, easy to verify, and a data base of those who are immigrants without citizenship. Then we can safely say to those with out that ID or proof of right to be here, get out! And enforce it across the board, zero tolerance. But until we have these proofs of right to live in America that are so difficult to forge that it costs more than actually immigrating legally (which is far from the case now…), nothing will change.

    Build a fence– It will be climbed, dug under, gotten around. That is how determined these people are to get and stay here. And with the largest part of them being more productive citizens than I- I am not so sure that it is bad that they are here, other than the fact of the gaping hole in our security it highlights.

  6. Jenn,

    When I said that Americans are willing to do any job, I went on to say that Americans must be compensated adequately in order to justify the hard work.

    I agree with the need for a national ID. There are so many different variants of IDs in our country, it's hard to tell which ones are fake and which ones are real.

    A fence by itself will be climbed, dug under, as you have said. However, a fence also needs to be backed up with force. Think of a home. A fence around a home is useless unless there is a guard dog or some man with a shot gun saying, "I know you didn't."

  7. "When I said that Americans are willing to do any job, I went on to say that Americans must be compensated adequately in order to justify the hard work."
    Yes, and we both know that IF that happens the price of food etc will get even more ridiculous to compensate for just that. I know a free market system is better than the alternatives, but I-for one- am at my budgets end. If Americans were to take over the jobs that are done mostly by illegal immigrants for less than adequate pay, I do not know how we would afford to eat, etc. It is atrocious that companies take advantage of these people, but one of my favorite sayings has the sentiment that people can only walk on you if you allow it.

    I just know that the solution on the table ATM is better than nothing, and that if Sen. McCain is to be believed, border security would be beefed up before anything else is done. It is not a perfect solution, but there is NO perfect solution to this problem. Does it give the illegals an unfair advantage— Probably. But they have been here, working and paying taxes (though they do over report dependents to pay as little as possible) and get nada from it. I feel that those who have obeyed the other laws of our country should be given a chance to be a part of it. Yes, they have broken numerous document and other immigration laws. Hell, if I lived in the conditions my ex described to me, I would do the same thing. Does not make it right by any means, but having heard and seen what these people's lives are like, I feel like there is something immensely wrong with our country's laws if they have to lie to get a better life. That is what every one of our ancestors came here for, yet we want to deny it to so many with immigration quotas.

    I wish I had an intelligent, workable solution . The current immigration bill is the closest I have heard of to just that. It is not pure amnesty by any means. Research the cost of simply applying for a visa into this country–or any of the costs of becoming a citizen. IIRC, it was quite high for these things, especially when you take into account the relative poverty of a good number of those who want to come here. And on top of paying for that, there is a five thousand dollar fine. Not trivial but not so high as to be unobtainable. If implemented correctly, I feel the bill in front of congress right now on immigration is the best solution. Anyone who cannot supply a better solution for the part or parts they find to be lacking peeve me off. Yeah, it gives those who take advantage of this opportunity should it be granted-of any race, and I am sure there are quite a few non-Mexican(or Latino) that will qualify for the provisions of this bill- an advantage that maybe they do not deserve. But it gives US as a country more information on who is actually HERE. It should help to close up some of the holes in our national security.

    And I will now get off my soap box for the time being. 😳 I know I get carried away, but I passionately feel for these people working these craptastic jobs just to improve life for their families back in their homeland.

  8. I too feel for your post Ron. I agree, amnesty is not the answer, and border patrol has to be stepped up. The border patrol issue reminds me of this Colbert Report video. I heard on the radio today that we even built a part of fence along the border somewhere, and we actually built it in Mexico, and it is now going to cost some couple millions of dollars just to get it fixed. How stupid!

    Anyways, illegal immigrants are not necessarily / always doing the jobs Americans don't want. Even "normal" jobs that are not that bad will find a ton of illegals working there. Employers know for a fact what they are doing, yet they continue to hire illegal immigrants to save a buck. If you were to go into my local Walmart just down the street from my house, you really wouldn't be able to ask for help in English and get a reply. If they want to come here, they need to be educated, learn the language, and then be treated fairly. Simply walking in and taking jobs out of American citizen's hands is not what they should be doing – yet it is.

  9. I also agree with the above posts. I know amnesty is not the solution but something has go to be done. I believe if there are foreigners that are willing to improve themselves learning the language, laws and culture of the country should be granted rights to work and study. Giving those rights would only form a more educated and better class of immigrants in the current society. I am saying this from personal experience. I sad to say that I am not a citizen or resident of this country nevertheless I am fluent in English. Unable to go to school which I dream of, or having a normal job. I would happily pledge to obey all the laws of the Country. I go to church every Sunday and try my best to be an exemple for the people around me, as much as I possibly can in my position.

    I would like to go to school and study to be a Nurse. I am not allowed in my current situation. I can openly say that I do love this country and wish I could do something to achieve my goals legally but there is not one single way laid out that allow me to do so. I have been a few years passed the time given me to stay in the Country making me an illegal alien. Marring an American citizen would change the status for me, but I do not wish to marry someone just for that fact. I don’t want to take wrong ways to make it right, even though everyday I wake up tempts me to do so. Please, this is a petition for the politicians or anyone that can do something. I love this country and wish I could be part of it. I desire to go to school and graduate, to have a normal job and contribute to the society. I never accepted any financial help from the government and believe me, I am too darn stuborn to accept help, I usually like to do things on my own. But at this time it’s far from my reach.

    Please forgive me for my bad layout, grammar and the many “I”s. It’s the lack of schooling, even though I teach myself reading things online and seek knowledge. Please let me go to school and work!

  10. If Americans did the same job as the immigrants do in the United States they would want a ridcuous wage, think about it, Americans are already lazy and they complain about the wages at fast food restaurants. They would probably want $20 an hour for picking fruit or vegetables, and can you imagine the sunburn and the skin cancer involved, Insurance would go high and a head of lettuce would be around $10 a head, onions would be the same. I find it ridicuolous. Another question? Does the US have a culture? If we do, it’s racism and critizing all races, because that what we do best. Most countrys with culture whether poor or rich seem to have a strong culture in family, so wether poor or rich, their quality of life is rich, we should welcome that. But of course we don’t, all we want as Americans is their culture, food, women but that’s it. Seriously people, we say we dont want war but yet we we fight amongst ourselves and what this country was made of. Everybody that came to this country came here for change, yet we criticize everyone that comes in. Seriously look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself. Who am I and where did I come from, and why?

  11. A day without a Mexican.

    Money for Schools, Hospitals and Law enforcement. No dirty diapers littering hiking trails and other outdoor places. Less crime. Higher wages for American Citizens. Less pollution. Shall I go on. ?

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