5 More Things I Know About My Readers

Here are five more things I know about my readers.

One of my readers crosses an ocean to get to work.

Vivien from InspirationBit crosses the Pacific every week day to get to her day job.

One of my readers struggles with a rock star persona.

Face it Josh. You are a rock star.

One of my readers will soon be basking in Best Buy glory… and in the Texas heat.

Bonnie (aka, Grandma) won my Best Buy contest. For those that didn’t win, be comforted that she will soon be basking in high humidity and the hot Texas sun.

One of my readers behaves badly.

Nathan doesn’t really behave badly, but he does have a blog title that suggest he does.

One of my readers is a humble public speaker.

Beppo has been had the opportunity to speak in front of his church and it was a very humbling experience. He also wishes he could have played for the Atlanta Braves, which can’t be that bad.

3 thoughts on “5 More Things I Know About My Readers”

  1. @Nathan,

    Yes. We all behave badly. It's good to know I'm not alone 🙂


    We're all special here. In fact, I should found the blog special Olympics. The first event will be, "The 100 Word Post."

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